Thursday, February 19, 2015

And the papers have been sent in...

Jake's Mission Papers were sent to Salt Lake today.  So exciting.  We set up a map and asked people to guess where they think he is going.  Lots of guesses coming in.  It's fun to see the map filling up with pins.  We have a gift card for the winner.
 We went out to celebrate with the Bakers.  Dinner at Zupas. 
 Thanks Baker Family for playing with us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

President Quesenberry

This is our Stake President, President Stephen Quesenberry.  He interviewed Jake for his mission and 
tomorrow will push the button to send the papers in.  
The interesting and fun facts about him is that he was a young man in San Diego and joined the church in high school.  He was friends with my Great Uncle John Munoa.  Also, Great Grandpa John Munoa was his bishop when he went on his mission and interviewed him and gave him his first journal.  
It's come a full circle.  Just a fun little tidbit.
 Great Grandpa John Munoa