Sunday, March 15, 2015


Santa Maria, Brazil.  Portuguese Speaking, entering Brazilian MTC on July 8!
We are so excited!
 Great Grandpa Glade McKee
 Great Grandma Myrl Silcox
 Grandpa Kyle and Grandma Nadine McKee
 Mom…watching him read his call.
 All his friends and family that came to support Jake.  We didn't get a picture of the adults that came.
Thank you for all the love.  We are surrounded by great people!
 Josh, Jake, Andy, and Malena were so excited.


 The Sister Wives….Joci is in Brazil, Alissa is going to Ohio, Sophia is going to California, Breanna is going to Australia, and Jessica is finishing up her paperwork this week.  What a great bunch of young adults.  We are so excited for them all and promised them a panini lunch before they all left.
 Jared Nelson, who just got his mission call to North Carolina
 Sydney, Ashlyn, Jake, Amber, Riley
 Jake, Zac, and Josh being goofy!

 The obligatory jumping mission picture.
 We love and miss our Sister Baker and can't wait for her to open her email in the morning 
and get Jake's video.  
This is the email that Jake got back from Joci.  
We think she was a little excited for him.
 Kaiti celebrating with Jake….
 it didn't end well!
 Josh is straining to hold him up.
 Malena is so excited for Jake.
 Andy tried….
 didn't go good….
 so, they switched places.
We are thrilled for Jake and his decision to serve the Lord.  There is a feeling of peace and calmness in his call to Brazil, Santa Maria.  We are anxious to learn about the country and people he will be serving.  Congratulations, Jake.  We love you.

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