Monday, June 13, 2016

Baptisms and Taco Bell Sauce

Dear Family and Friends,
I forgot to take pictures of my journals this week.  Sorry.  Next week will be 2 weeks worth. 
This week was incredible. The best part was at one point we went to a young mans house to teach him, and long story short friend after friend of his came, and we ended up with 7 young men, and you better believe we taught them all and challenged them all to baptism! Next week, we have 3 baptisms planned, 3 young men who will all be baptized on the same day. :) Yep, that’s good. Also, we´ll have a baptism this Saturday, Eduardo. 

We had to make our own lunch yesterday, I tried the chicken in sprite. 
It wasn’t too good.... but it was eatable. :) 
Yes I got the taco bell sauce. :) WOOT WOOT!!!!! I haven’t got the scriptures yet, but today I got a package with, I think, nutella... :) for my tapioca. 

How is it going with Elder Jesus Santos? Things are good with Jesus, my companion. Ha-ha-ha.  I am not hugging him, no,  but I love this guy and 
he has a HUGE desire to do good. 

What is the mission tradition for one year mark?  im going to burn a shirt that doesn’t have half a sleeve. I tore it a few months ago running from a dog. Remember pepper, the Shepherds small dog? It was about that size, but it was ANGRY!! 

Are you cold down there?  No, I’m not cold. It’s just in the mornings it’s FREEZING!!! And I just use the two sweatshirts, and they always stay together. :) We are fine. It’s not too cold. Every morning I make Cevada, which is the same as coffee, just not against the word of wisdom and no caffeine. I make it with milk and chocolate and man it is GOOD!!!!

Time is up. Bye!!!! I love you all!!!

Elder McKee
This is a hamburger.  
They put EVERYTHING in it and then make it like a panini.  
It's super good and cost about $7.00

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