Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Galaxy Party

Week of October 17-23, 2016

(17) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Today rained a TON.  And we made churrasco.  We played UNO, and all in all today was a really good day.  Today was day 467 of my mission.
 Elder Bispo dos Santos, Elder Nascimento, Elder Munns, Elder----, Elder Rapuzzi, Jake

(18) TERCA (Tuesday):  Today was a division with the assistant Elder Smith.  He’s super, super cool.  The dividion actually went very well.  But here’s one thing that happened:
So, we only had one umbrella, so we were both sharing.  At one point, there were a ton of huge puddles, so I left him with the umbrella and jumped the first one.  He said something, so I turned to look at him, turning my back to the road.  When I turned back, a car passed by, going very fast, and hit the huge puddle right in front of me.  Freaken tidal wave, right into my face and my chest.  Elder Smith started laughing, and there was this hobo there as well who started laughing super hard.  I know the driver was going along, saw the puddle, saw the Mormon, and didn’t think twice.
            We also had a super good lesson with a woman named Jaqueline.  When we knocked at her door, she already came out saying she doesn’t want to quit smoking and that she is happy as she is.  I think it’s interesting the lies we sometimes tell ourselves.  We feel guilty for a certain thing, so we convince ourselves we’re happy.  IT’S NOT TRUE!  It’s against our divine nature to be happy while practicing sin.  I don’t know why we create this habit to justify and rationalize.  We’re basically saying that we are the exception to God’s commandments or that we know what is better for us more than God does.  Anyways, she was a sweet lady, and after talking a bit with her she opened up a bit.  It was a very good lesson.  Today was day 468 of my mission.
(19)QUARTA (Wednesday):  Today rained for a long time, and was raining SUPER hard.  So, we got nothing done.  We had a FHE with the bishops family because they wanted apple pie.  I told them we could do it, but they needed to find a family of less actives and a family on non members to invite.   They did, but at the last minute the family of investigators couldn’t come.  But, let me just say, this was the BEST apple pie I’ve made yet.  And it helped the family of less acives a lot, so I’m content.
            The cashier at the market tried to Bible burn me today while I was buying the apples.  He said, “You’re a Mormon?”  I happily replied, “Yes sir, I am.”  He nodded, then said, “Have you ever read Galates?” I said yes, then he asked if I remember what it says in Galates 1:8.  
Then he told me to go read it. 
            It’s weird, at the beginning of the mission, I always got frustrated when stuff like this happened, people using badly interprepeted scruptures to talk bad about the churhc.  Now, it really doesn’t bother me.  One thing that Elder Anderson said when he came here was “You all have the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel in your lives.  You know more about Christ and His atonement and the church then ANYONE! “  That gave me a lot of hope and confidence.
            Today was day 469 of my mission.
(20)  QUINTA (Thursday):  One more day of division.  This time I went back to first ward.  I was there with Elder Munns, an American with 2 weeks in the field.  Haha, it was a cool division, watching this new missionary full of desire and wanting to work and watching him struggle with the language reminded me of my first days.  I knew exactly what he was feeling. 
            He also had no idea where anyting was but he knew the houses.  So, he would tell me the road, I would get us there, then we would walk  until we found the house.  We walked a lot.  It’s been almost a year that I haven’t had with an American.  It’s going to my head.  
Today was day 470 of my misison.
Giovanna from the 1st ward.  She sent these to mom on FB.  


(21) SEXTA (Friday):  One more divison.  This time with an Elder from another city.  It was cool.  We called Cris, a young man from the ward, to do visits with us.  And everything fell through.  Holy cow we walked so much.  We got a lot of sun today.
            Then the other 3 elders grabbed and broke my glow sticks.  One asked what happens if you break one open.  I put a little hole in one, turned around, and whipped a line of the glowing liquid on his shirt.  THEY FLIPPED OUT!  Soon, everyone was throwing light everywhere.  I took a few pictures.   Today was day 471 of my mission. 

(22) SABADO (Saturday):  We called all the youth again, and we played water balloon capture the flag.  Well, we didn’t play with them, but I wanted to!  We set them going, put a young man in charge, and we left to go to a meeting with the bishop. In the meeting we made a ton of new plans for the ward.  We have a lot of work to do.  Today was day 472 of my mission. 
(23) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Church today was great.  After, I think I ate so much at lunch that I broke the word of wisdom about 6 times.  Churrasco, and then I ate 3 helping of the pineapple dessert.  Then we went back to the chaple with the sisters, and we did a meeting to plan all our our activities.  It was a good meeting. 
            This week was a very good week.  We had progress, and I’m starting to get excited again for the work.  We have 3 investigators with a lot of potential:  Isabel, Keli, and John.  Today was day 473 of my misison.

Thanks for everything.  I love you all!!

Elder McKee

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