Monday, October 12, 2015

Baptism, Rain, Food, and Friends

 Zone Conference
 Jake, Elder Santos Melo, and Sis Moss from the MTC

 Jake in the rain!  It's rained non stop all week.
 Trying to dry stuff out.
 Jake and his friends, Aurtor and Jose
 More rain and view of Santa Maria
 Jake let Aurtor (5 year old) use his camera.  These are the pictures from that.
 Albertinha showing the missionaries her family albums.
 Ironing his Baptism Pants!
 Abertinha's Baptism.
 Albertinha calls Jake her son.  Someone told him he just baptized his mother.
 A little bit from Jake's letter to us:
The baptism was amazing!!! I want that every Saturday!! I don't even have words to describe it. It's so cool to have met Albertinha, helped her progress, and then see the ending with baptism. And her family is following too. The kids love church. Ah its amazing. :)

We have a machine at our house, and I can do laundry at anytime. That's nice. and then we hang up the clothes inside and put a fan on them, then wait until they are only a little damp and put them away. Nothing is ever completely dry, especially now with all this rain. I've given away one ctr ring, but ill get on that more. The people here flip over anything American. i also gave away one of my English Book of Mormons to another missionary already. Thanks so much!! Also, today the post office is closed, so no mail. which is a bummer because i have a new little bible waiting for me. ive been so excited over that bible, waiting for a month now. 

I love you guys so much. I really miss home and English, but my Portuguese is getting better everyday.  I love the ward, and they all talk to me all the time. :) That's nice. I can actually hold conversation. Love you guys!

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