Monday, October 5, 2015

We Love Pictures!

Zone Conference.  
Jake is in the Middle on the left side of the Sister in the Torquoise.
 Jake and a group of missionaries that he talked to before his mission.  They are all Brazilian and they had a group text message going.  Jake didn't really understand any of it, but they all remembered him when they finally got together again.
 Looking for new pictures to draw.
 A new planner...He was very excited about this.
 "This bike is RJ´s next project!! These things are EVERYWHERE!! This is one of the nicer ones I've seen. ha-ha its so funny. They drive them, or pedal them around. :)"


A little bit from Jake's letter to us:
Scriptures are great. I've started starting my personal studies as fast as i can to read and study. Here's my morning. 6:30 I get up, pray, go and make some orange juice with 2 oranges, eat 2 bananas, then do a bunch of pushups, a couple situps, then shower. Then, it's like 7:00, and I get dressed and start studying. Personal study doesn't start until 8:00, so I get a bunch of extra time!! I'm working on memorizing the 100 seminary scripture masteries!! More about that in the journal. I explained conference in the journal, but it was very hard to understand. But I understood enough to get the gist, and then think about it. :) So most of what I learned was by the spirit. I heard a totally different conference than everyone else because I understood it one way, but that way wasn't right, but it was still good and Ii learned a lot. I'm going to download them in English to my pendrive right now. 

Today I got two packages!! From September 9 and the 13. The Halloween package and the one with the baby Books of Mormon. Thanks so much!! And the talks from Brad Wilcox were a great idea!!! I was seriously thinking yesterday I wanted to download his talk "His Grace is Sufficient,"  but then it came in the mail today!! woot woot!! :) Thanks!! Thanks Janet!!

Mama asked him about a water Filter and this was his answer: Tell that mom NOT TO BUY A WATER FILTER. I'm pretty sure they do this at Sao Paulo too, but in the MTC I recieve a really nice one. Some missionaries drank pee through it. No joke, I saw the video. and I haven't even used it since being here. You get so used to floaties in your water you don't even think about it, and it really isn't even a big deal. :) But if he wants one, by all means. I haven't seen anyone who uses them.

I love you, mom!!! I love you all!! I hope you guys have another great week!!!


  1. We just came across your blog and we're thrilled to see our son, Elder Ostergaard! First pictures we've seen of him in Brazil. He's the big red head taking the picture. So, though it wasn't on purpose, thanks for posting his pictures for us!

  2. I didn't realize I'd been signed in on my sons account. Anyway, thank you again!

    1. Barbara, I copied these pictures off a FB mission site. If you are FB message me and I'll give you the link to the site. I've found a few pics jake on there. Hope you get this.