Sunday, December 13, 2015

A letter in the mail!

A letter that came in the mail, sent on November 16, 2015

Dear Family                                                              November 16, 2015
I want you all to know that I love you more than any thing.  We really honestly have been blessed with the best family.  I've met many missionaries here with families who don't write AT ALL.  Almost a year without a single word form their moms.  Others who get letters every week with their families asking them to come home, offering new motorcycles or money.  Others who received packages or letters.  I'm so blessed to have the strong supportive family I do.  Thank you for that.

I know that our Savior Jesus Christ payed the price for our sins. just ponder on that for a moment, and just how grand that is.  If we went our whole life, and only sinned one time, some unworthy thought, we wouldn't be worthy to enter Gods kingdom.  His justice wouldn't allow it, it would demand a payment.  now thing about how many of these little sins we have everyday.  It's my opinion that in the state we are, we wouldn't even WANT to enter into God's rest, knowing we are unworthy.  but, this was part of Gods plan, and he provided a way for justice to be satisfied, and for us to receive mercy.  This is the Atonement.  All of these sins we have, the which demand payment in full, are covered int eh atonement.  Christ payed the price 100% for everything.  Now our responsibility is if we will follow the requirements to use that payment, or turn it down for temporary worldly pleasure and pay the price ourselves at the last day.  if we keep the commandments, if we strive to be like Jesus, then at the last day we will stand before the judgement seat of God with Christ as our advocate.  I imagine it like this.  We're standing before God in his glory and perfection, and Christ puts his arm around us, and says to God, "Yes, in life this man sinned.  he fell off the path a few times.  But he always returned, and I find him worthy to use my atonement.  He is clean in your sight."  And God will smile, and say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things.  Enter though into the joy of the Lord."  (Matthew 25:21).

The commandments we keep here on earth are not to pay the price of our sins.  They're to qualify for the payment already made.  If we fail to qualify for this payment, it must still be payed, and that will fall to us.

Really when you thing about it, the Atonement is absolutely beautiful, and is proof of the love God and Christ have for us.  I can't even imagine the suffering He suffered for me alone, let alone all people to ever exist.  This Atonement is one of the reasons I'm here on a mission.  he did the HUGE favor for me, I can dedicate 2 years of my life back to Him.  Who cares how hot it is, how much I don't like some days.  I'm not here to be comfortable, I'm here to do what I'm told, and fulfill the will of Him that sent me.

I love you guys so much.  I miss you everyday.  but know that I am working hard, and I'm being a good boy.  I'll start sending letters like this regularly.

Love, Elder Mckee

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