Sunday, December 13, 2015

I love Brazilian Moms

This morning Mom woke up to a few messages on Facebook from Brazil.  Two sisters in Jake's ward sent me pictures of him.  He was at Sister Silva's for lunch.  She was messaging me back and forth in English, but I didn't know that it was Jake typing for her until the end of the conversation.  haha.
She said this was Elder McKee after eating 10 lbs of BBQ.  haha.
 Elder Felipe and Jake at her house.
 Elder Felipe, Her son Dele, and Jake
 Jake learning to make Chimarrao.  We've heard it's delicious!
Sister Prado, who gave him the hug for me last week, sent these pictures of Jake cleaning the church. He has said they do this every week for a couple of hours.  
I love the connection I feel to Brazilian members, through Jake.  They take care of him, and feed him, and send on pictures.  It is a wonderful feeling to wake up to news of him.  They both said he is getting transferred on Tuesday.  He'll probably tell us tomorrow in his email.  Thank you to those wonderful members who think to share.  Mom McKee

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