Monday, January 11, 2016

Excited New Investigators

I don’t know why, but my camera isn’t taking pictures again. So when I took pictures of my journal pages, it didn’t take pictures of my journal pages. Sorry!!!! I should get the one you guys sent me around Jan. 20th, we have a member that said he would grab our boxes for us.  Sorry about the journals!! You´ll have a lot to read when I get my camera.  Elder Pompeu doesn’t have one either, so sorry!!

So, I’ll tell you a little about this week!!  We have a family, Janete, her daughter Eduarda, and her son Wesley. They went to church and all three of them loved it!! Janete is so cool. I think she’s about 35 or 40. We are going to mark a date with them, for the 23. After church, she asked us if there’s classes or a course you have to take to be baptized in our church. :) She really likes it. She’s been going to her husband’s church for years now, but never got baptized because she said that it never felt right. AHHH IM SO EXCITED!!! She has another daughter, Bianca, who lives in a different house, so we’ve only met her once. But we’ll get her too. :) They all accept all the commandments so easily!! They know it’s true, and I’m so excited for them!! Ahh!!  There are more details in the journal my camera didn’t take pictures of. 

Also, we went to one lesson with a member. We had told him to mark it, because it’s with his friends, and he said lets go Friday at 7. Well, we didn’t know that that is the time this guy studies with the Jehovah Witnesses. That was one interesting, and hilarious lesson. The member is a recent convert, who is very excited about the church. So, he started spouting out everything he could remember having heard. Many of which, was wrong. Ha-ha-ha.. False doctrine. The JW’s were very chill, and they seemed to realize that a lot of what he said wasn’t correct. So, they just let it be, didn’t try and bible bash. 

This week was a good one. Lots of things are happening.

How are you doing mentally and emotionally? I’m doing well mentally. I’ve been better. Its pretty stressful, but I’m doing good. :) Nothing to worry about. 

Do you get to sight see or do anything fun and different on P-day? Ha-ha this city has nothing. Literally nothing. The people here drive in a circle around the center block with their friends for fun.

My time is up. I love you guys!!! 

Elder McKee

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