Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of Studying~

This week went good. Janete and her family didn’t go to church because they were traveling. But they are doing SO GOOD!! I’m hoping to baptize them on the 30. Also, Denise and Mauricio from my other area are almost done with the marriage process and they will be married too!! Ahhh, I’m so excited. I got one letter today, the talk from Kaycee, which was perfect for where I’m at right now and helped me with my personal goals that I have. Keep sending more.  But, I have more letters and 5 packages waiting for me in Santiago, where we will be going on Quarta. :) Woot Woot!!!! Yea, the camera isn’t working still. It makes the sound of taking a picture, but doesn’t move it to the card. It had to be something with the image sensor, but I’m excited for my new one, because I have a lot of pages to send!!! 

Jakes Great Grandpa McKee has been getting weaker and weaker the last few weeks, so he knew his time was close.  We told him today that Grandpa passed away last Monday.
I knew grandpa had passed away. I tried not to think about it, just try and work harder. And dad did all that traveling!? He hates flying. Actually, I don’t think its the flying he hates, just the part where you have to be in a metal tube for hours with dumb people. I’m with him on that part. It’s really a cool feeling, telling someone that they will see their family again when they believed that they were lost forever. Even if they don’t accept the gospel or baptism, everyone seems to believe in that part, because its the part they want to believe most. Our families are the greatest gift that god has given us. I personally believe that He gave us our families so that we can feel that special love that is only found in a family, and understand a little better the love he has for us as our father. 

It’s FLIPPING hot!! Man, I’m roasting like toast. And I’m black black. 

Jake had a few problems last week that he sent an email to his dad about.  Dad, who also went on a mission, was able to give him some great advice, but this is what he wrote to mom.
I know I can talk to you about it. :) I just don’t want to you worry about things that will pass. Many times this week I had personal study for 2.5 hours, so that’s a tender mercy. I’ve read all of Genesis. Man, I never knew how interesting the bible is!! Also, I’ve read Mathew and Mark and half of Luke now. I’m finishing Jesus the Christ and The Book of Mormon, and I’m studying all the Liahonas I can get. Today, I also watched church history videos I found, and two movies about the temples. Its unbelievable how much I’m learning!!! :) I love it. I’m sure I’ll smile about this one day when I get letters from Josh talking about his problems. 

Hopefully next week I’ll have the camera and lots of pictures.  Have a good week.

I love you guys!!! 
Love, Elder McKe

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