Monday, February 22, 2016

A Good Week!

Week of Feb. 15-21
(15) SEGUNDA (Monday):  So today was a very good P-day.  We went to the post office, Elder Alvarenga was hoping for a package.  It didn’t come, but I got 4 post cards and a letter!  Then we bought stuff to make lasagna and made our own lunch, which turned out very good!  I sent pictures today.  Then Elder Alvarenga said, “lets pass by the post office again and see if my package came in the last few hours.”  It hadn’t come, but my Valentine’s Day one did!  It’s crazy.  I totally forgot about Valentines Day.  Forgot that it existed.  But Peanut Butter from Hawaii and a bunch of Candy!  Woot Woot!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAH the jellybeans!!! So, I opened them, explained how they have the same look but taste different. The game is that some people get bad ones. They each tried one, and then threw all the boxes away. I almost threw up with the rotten egg. hahahahahahahahahahaha i died laughing while they were talking about the ´dumb Americans and their candy'.  I got the boxes out of the trash when they weren't looking and am going to give them to them again in a couple of weeks.  (Mom sent Jake a jellybean game.  You spin a spinner and it lands on a color.  The color could be one of two good and one bad, like rotton egg and cotton candy.  Sounds like the boys weren’t too impressed. )
         Lesson with Welerson, the boy who accepted the 27th for baptism.  We talked with his mom, and she was very supportive.  Then we had a lesson, the 10 commandments with the word of wisdom and law of chastity, with Welerson and his mom and his cousin who lives with them.  His mom loved it, because we’re teaching her son to not drink or smoke, or use drugs and to wait for marriage.  We let his mom keep the Book of Mormon, and then his cousin asked for one, too.  Anyways, it was a very good lesson. T hen only thing is that on the 27th he will be traveling, the next Saturday his mom, who wants to watch, will be traveling.  So, I thin we will have to wait until 12 of March, almost a moth from now.  We’ll work with them and the ward and the Lord, and we’ll see what we can do.
         Today was day 223 of my mission.
(16) TERCA (Tuesday):  Everything that could fall through today, fell.  I won’t even talk about that, because I’m already annoyed enough by it.
         So, I’ll talk about the new family we found today.  Leandro and Diane, with their only son, Maurico, who has 10 months.  It was a great lesson, they understood everything and asked us to come back in 2 days. 
         Tomorrow will be a much better day, almost all commitments.  Today was day 224 of my mission.
(17) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Today I was going through the area book, and I found an old teaching record, starting in 2011.  Through the years, it showed progress, other times none.  The last entry was in 2014, years of missionaries, each helping a little, helping this man progress. He was finally baptized on 6th of Feb, 2016.  His name is MARCO!  It was so cool to look at the teaching record and read the entries and realize just what a small part I actually played in his conversion.  5 years of small pushes and he finally moved.  Sometimes the spirit works in an instant, and other times at a rate that may seem VERY slow, but he’s always working.  Today was day 225 of my mission.
(18) QUINTA (Thursday):  I love it when investigators actually read and pray!  Today was a long day of walking, but we had good lessons and I learned a lot.  I have a few things I need to work on, I’ll write in my other journal.
         Also, I went to take a shower and the water was gone, so I’m sleeping dirty.  First thing tomorrow will be a nice cold shower.  Today was day 276 of my mission.
(19) SEXTA (Friday):  Today President paid us a visit, which went good.  Sister Parrela managed to find EVERYTHING we forgot to clean.  In her word’s “Some people are born clean, others have to learn to be clean. You need to learn to look at things and know if it’s clean or not.”  Ha-ha, but it’s all good.  Then she told me, “Elder McKee, sugar is bad for you, you know that right?”  I only eat bananas and apples!, In the house.  Then, she pointed to my stash of juice mix, about 30 packages of pineapple and lime.  I’m addicted.  Then she taught me how to overcome a Tang addiction.  HAHAHA
         We had good lessons today, and we found good new investigators. Things are progressing for sure.  Today was day 227 of my mission.
(20) SABADO (Saturday):  Today was AWESOME!  We had an activity or contest of Desserts, and 75 people went!  That, with the wards number in sacrament of 95-100, was incredible!  So many desserts!  I was in heaven.  We had 4 judges, 3 of whom were investigators; the other one was a less active.  AHHH!!  It was PERFECT!  The next activity is a talent show, I’m thinking of drawing something, then after is the night of M&M’s.  But this activity went AMAZING!  We had 6 investigators there!  AHHHH I am so happy.  We keep finding new investigators who have a lot of potential.  I love this ward and I love my mission!!  Today was day 228 of my mission.
(21) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Sunday’s are always like a huge relief to me.  I absolutely love going to church, and especially the sacrament.  Today was slow, because lunch was far away, then after we got home we had to make teaching records for the meeting we had later with Bishop.
         Also, I’m getting fat, and I’m really worried about it.  The 2 new missionaries make dinner every night. I need to go back to my fruit smoothie every night, that I used to eat.
         Welerson went to church today!  He was a judge at our activity yesterday, which he really liked.  I think he really has a lot of potential.  We’re working with him and he wants to be baptized. 
         This week went very good.  We had good lessons, and Elder Martins is learning a lot, very fast.  Today was day 229 of my mission.

Everything is going great. My district is only us 4, so no worries or stress. Just do what you’re supposed to and its all good. I love you guys! I hope all is well! Sorry the journals were shorter this week.

Love, Elder McKee

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