Monday, February 8, 2016

Marcos was Baptized!

Dear Family and Friends:
Meu companion had a camera I used! But, these computers are horribly bad, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to send pictures. I’ll try on my companion’s computers when we finish. Also, remember how I asked for a new camera because the other was sent back to São Paulo? Well, the Elder in Santa Maria already asked for them to return it, and it’s coming back now. Ha-ha so he’ll grab it, and I’ll have 2 cameras.  Mom:  I sent Jake a new camera before Christmas, but he was transferred before he got it.  Then it was taxed and the missionaries in Santa Maria didn’t have the money to pay for it.  So it was sent back to Sao Paulo.  So, we thought it was on its way home, so we sent him another one this week.  Ha-ha.  Oh well.

I took pictures of everyone I think, I’ll try and send them after. If you want to feel free to send them packages, but word of my two cameras spread pretty fast, and that all of my comps so far have gotten packages. So everyone thinks I’m an incredibly rich American... but I’m controlling it. And everyone says that I’m the most humble American they’ve met, members and other missionaries. So it’s not really a problem. Mom:  We asked if he wanted us to keep sending his companions packages. 

Ha-ha, it sounds like your exercise program is similar to my mission in that way. It’s like a field of roses. Before you enter, you just see a beautiful field of roses. Then you get there and walk through and its full of thorns and pain, then after when you look back you just see a field of roses again. :)  Mom:  I was telling Jake we were working with a trainer, which we love when the hour is over.

HAHA they moved our long board shop into the living room!!!! remember the first time you got mad about the drive way? haha thats way cool. 

Fill the rest of the box with M&M’s. we have an idea we want to do with the ward with M&M’s, and they don’t have them aqui. Mom:  Jake asked for any church movies.  We found some at the distribution center and was able to get them all in Portuguese.

Marcos was baptized and it was incredible.  

So, my comp is Brazilian. 19 years old. Born in the church. The other two are also Brazilian. Sorry my journal pages are really short this week. We ended every day tired and I had a lot to do every night. I’ll be better this week and talk about each elder individually.  my comp speaks English very well, and another one of the elders, too. My comp already went to Salt Lake one time to watch conference, and his Brazilian girlfriend is living in Utah right now for the next few months. Their names are Elder Martins (my comp), Elder Alvarenga, and Elder Pessoa da Silva.  

I don’t know what’s up with my camera again, or maybe its just my memory card, but its not working with the journal pages. I’ll try and have them for next week.
 I love you mom!!! Thanks for everything!! :) I love you guys!  I hope you guys are all happy!!

Elder McKee
My new companion, Elder Martins and Elder Morales
 Jake, Marcos, and Elder Martins
Marcos and The man who baptized him

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