Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Shoes

Week of July 11-17, 2016
(11) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Today, nothing happened.  Everything fell thought, and it rained.  Today was day 370 of my mission.
(12) TERCA (Tuesday):  Today I rode an old bus to Santa Maria for a meeting, and I’ll be staying with a bunch of elders until tomorrow for the meeting.  Today was day 371 of my mission.
(13) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Today we had district leader training, and it was super good.  I learned a whole lot and I will take a lot back to apply in my district.
And guess what!  After, I saw Sister Moss!  I hadn’t seen her in almost a year, almost since the MTC!  She was there because she’ll train.  We sat and talked for a long while.  That was so cool.  We’re good friends.

            And guess what!!  It’s been almost a week now that Simara hasn’t smoked!!  WOOT WOOT!!  We called her to check up on her and she said that and I gave a huge yell in the middle of the street cheering.  We have dinner marked with them tomorrow, and she said she just needs us to bring her a bag of candy.  I said ok.  So, tomorrow, I’m going to buy as much candy as my little body can carry and we’ll go.  Ha-ha.
            Today was super good and I’m super happy.  But here’s something else.  In the house last night there was almost 20 missionaries.  And we were lacking ONE bed.  I didn’t know and I gave my bed to another.  After, I was searching for a bed.  No more to be had.  So, there were 2 beds, occupied, side-by-side. S o I crawled in the middle, laying on the gap, and slept like a child, until the elder at my side, asleep, rolled over and laid his arm across my chest.  That woke me up in a flash.  Then he started sleep talking about a bus. 
            Also, we bought about 120 reais of cheeseburgers.  That was a party.  Today was day 372 of my mission.
(14) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today freaken hailed!!  And then rained and rained and there was lightening in every part.  And we’re trying to contact addresses…Yea, I don’t think even the members would want to accept us.  So, we went home and I made cookies again, and then when the rain calmed down a little, it didn’t stop, but it calmed down, we left again.
            The best part of today was when we were going home we passed by Wal-Mart to talk to Luciano, the manager there who I made the pie for.  He got so happy to see us, and introduced us to a bunch of his workers.  Showed us the entire store.  Marked another churrasco and said I need to make him another pie because he LOVED it, but he wants to try m recipe with banana.  There’s a young man who works there, who’s an inactive member in another ward.  I told Luciano that he was a member and he called the young man over.  He said, “John, I didn’t know you were a Mormon.”  John said, “Yes, but I don’t really go anymore.  No time.”  Luciano said, “Then we’ll have to have a talk about your hours, because I’m not a member of the church, but I know it’s doctrine a little and I know it’s a good church.  While you work for me, you’ll go to church.  Understand?”  THAT”S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  But he was telling everyone  “These young men are my friends!”  He and his sons are going to go to church with us on Sunday also.  We have a few investigators and members looking for work, and he said to have them make a curricho and bring it to him, saying that the missionaries recommended them, and he’ll find a way.  Ha-ha.. This is flippen awesome.  Today was day 373 of my mission.
(15) SEXTA (Friday):  So, when Simara said she needed candy, we stopped by the store today going to her house and I bought 9 big bags of hard candies.  When we got there, she said, “MCKEE!  I meant just a little bag!”  And I said, “Nope, you’re never going to smoke again!!”  We then read parts of the Family Proclamation and talked about their marriage.  She also really liked my cookies 
            We met a really good couple today as well, who had a lot of  questions.  At the end, when we invited them to be baptized, she said, “So, if I understand right, you’re saying that our baptisms weren’t valid and we need to be baptized again?”  So, we went on explaining and helping them understand, and in the end they accepted baptism and got excited to go to church on Sunday with us. 
            I also forgot my glasses today, and I don’t know how I did because I can hardly look out side with out them with out getting a headache.  Everyone was asking where they were and why my eyes were red.  But today was a very good day.  Today was day 374 of my mission.
(16) SABADO (Saturday):  We taught a family very good today. W hen we got there, they were all waiting for us.  We had marked with them for today on Sunday.  The dad, Tiago, is a member returning, and the rest of his family is following.  That’s what I’m talking about!  The one who showed the most interest was his 14-year-old daughter, Geovana, who accepted to e baptized on the 6th.  It was a very excellent family. Just that they go to the other ward, which is farther away but they have friends and family that are part of that ward.
            At night it got SUPER cold, and tomorrow will be even colder!  It’ll be a real test of faith for the members and investigators to get up and go to church.  And you better believe we’ll be leaving an hour earlier to ‘fetch’ them!!
(17) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today was FREEZING!!  I really don’t like the cold, especially when I have to go walk a 5K to pick up people who don’t even answer their door, leaving us in the cold.
            But Luciano went!  He came, bringing Fabio, his brother.  Fabio is already a member, but inactive.  They both liked it a lot.

            The rest of the day went great.  This week in all went super good, just that it’s starting to get cold.  Last night I took pictures of my shoes to show.  They’re super good shoes to have lasted this long, but its time for some new ones.  Yesterday a member started laughing because she could see my toe, and they wanted to ask the ward for donations to buy me a new pair, which is the last thing I want is them sacrificing to buy me shoes.  But all is well..  Today was day 376 of my mission.  I love you all, Elder McKee


New President and Sister Louza, with the zone.

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