Monday, July 25, 2016

Staying Busy!

Week of July 18-24, 2016
(18) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Today was P-day normal, then a FHE with some members, less actives, and Simara and Marcos.  We made mini pizzas, which were great, then apple pies, which were also good.  There was a good message, and Simara met some women from the ward, which was super good.
            Also!  Simara’s birth certificate came!  They’ll go tomorrow to get it and grab Marcos’ also, then they’ll get married and everyone is happy.
            I also bought new shoes today because mine were SPENT!  Then I printed a photo of the temple that I will give to Simara and Marcos.  Today was day 377 of my mission.
(19) TERCA (Tuesday):  SIMARA GOT HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE!  WOOT WOOT!!  On Friday they’ll be able to get Marcos’ then it’s just do the marriage stuff, wait some 20ish days, and then they’ll be baptized.
            Except for she smoked 3 cigarettes yesterday.  We had to redo the goals, but she has a lot of desire to stop smoking.  It’s just that she seems to lack the self-confidence to stop.  It’s frustrating and hard for me to understand, but we’re helping her.  Yesterday I printed a very pretty picture of the temple for them that I forgot to take, but I think it will help.
            We found an old lady, who showed no interest, but told us to pass by her daughter’s house.  We went.  She couldn’t meet with us at the moment so we marked another day.  We asked for a referral, and she sent us to another neighbor, who also marked another day, and gave us another neighbor as a referral.  This neighbor didn’t want anything but when we asked for yet another referral, she sent us to another house. With whom we marked another visit.  Ha-ha, it was super funny and awesome.
            We also taught Irson, Luciano and their 11 year old daughter Tiane, the restoration. They had A LOT of questions, about everything.  A few times, Elder Jesus Santos just stopped talking and looked at me.  And I don’t know how, because I’m really not that smart, but I was able to answer their harder, more unique questions.  For example…. “Why did God only give us the records of the Jews (in the bible) and the Americas  (in the Book of Mormon) when there were many other civilizations?”   or, “Christ gave the example in everything, including baptism.  Why doesn’t the bible speak of him being married, if everyone says it’s so important?”  I could feel the spirit using me as a mouthpiece as we worked to explain the answers with out exposing more confusing profound doctrine.  Today was good day and I’m happy with today’s lessons.
(20) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Today I got a big old butter splash on the front of my big nice coat frying eggs for breakfast.  Our kitchen and laundry room don’t have water, so I had to fill a bucket with water in the bathroom and I’ll just leave it soaking until we figure out why we don’t have water.
            THEN!  I found a Jehovah Witness bible in our house, and I went studying it a little and found where it proves that Jehovah is Jesus Christ!  In their own bible!  They believe that Jehovah is God, which isn’t true.
            The rest of today also went well.  But it was SUPER cold, and remember I didn’t have my big coat.  But I was still all right.  I’m used to a lot colder.  Today was day 379 of my mission.
(21) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today I went full ninja mode, breaking into the neighbor’s apartment through the window. Complete mission impossible.  So, what happened is as follows.  In our apartment complex there are 6 apartments, 2 on each floor.  The people who live in the apartment moved, so the apartment next to ours, on the same floor is empty.  When they left, they turned off the water to their kitchen and washing room to take the sink and washing machine.  Only that this also turned off our water in our kitchen and washing room.  We stayed for a day and a half waiting to see if it would be turned back on.  Nothing!  So, we saw that they had left the window open, the window that goes to the stairs of the building.  So, I jumped up, grabbed it, opened it a bit more, and went in. Then I had to buy some plugs and go back to tape the holes in the wall.  But yea, that adventure was exciting.
            I think it’s so cool when, in the lesson, the person is talking to you about their life or their family, and then the exact scripture you know will help that person comes to mind and when you share it you can tell that it was what they needed.  That’s when I feel like I’m really teaching by the spirit.
            Here’s one of my favorite lines in a contact today.  The woman said, “no my child, I’m not interested.  You’d be loosing your time on me.  You need to search for those who want the work of God in their lives.”  And another, “ Stay with Jesus and I’ll stay with him too.”  Then he shut the door.  It makes me wonder how many of these people are searching for the truth, but because of rumors and lies, don’t let us Mormons in.  Today was day 380 of my mission.
(22) SEXTA (Friday):  Today we taught a young man named Alison.  He has 15 years, and is SUPER Good.  He’s only goes to seminary until now, but he wants to go with us to church on Sunday.  We taught him about the restoration, and he really liked the message and he’s already read until 1 Nephi 5.
            Eduardo, the man we baptized a few weeks ago hasn’t stopped drinking coffee.  Which made me super sad, but we’re praying a lot for him.
            My arms and legs are sore today because yesterday an old member asked if we could help pick her tangerines.  I spent an hour and a little in the tree, going all over the place to pick them all.  But it was good, because we got a bunch of delicious tangerines.  Today was day 381 of my mission.
(23) SABADO (Saturday):  This morning I grabbed a jar, filled it with dirt, then planted some carrot seeds I bought in it.  I’ll water it every day and take it with me when I’m transferred.  I also planted a little farm of carrots outside, in rows and everything.  When they grow, I’ll send pictures.
            I also gave the photo of the temple to Simara and Marcos, and they loved it.  After, we had a lesson with Geovana.  I don’t remember if I’ve already written about her, but she has 14 years, her dad is an inactive returning.  She wants super bad to be baptized.  She wants to go to the temple with the rest of the youth on the 18 of August, so she said she wants us to teach her everything so she can be baptized on the 13th.  We also have Gabriel, a young man we are teaching who we want to baptize on the 6th if we can, but we still have to talk with him.  Today was day 382 of my mission.
(24) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today was Great!  We had a ton of investigators in church, a few of which were new friends that the young men had brought. Simara didn’t go because her daughter was coming to visit.  But from what Thiago is telling us I think she’s lying about her progress with the cigarettes.  I get super sad and scared that I won’t be able to see her baptism, or that she won’t even be baptized, because of these stupid cigarettes.  If I could rid the world of any 2 things it would be cigarettes and alcohol. These are the biggest traps Satan uses to lure people from the Celestial Kingdom and I’m tired of them.  I see people drinking or smoking and I feel deep sadness and also anger.
            This week we had a lot of success, and a whole lot of progress.  Geovana took her cousin with her to church for the second time, whose name is Stefany.  Geovana is marked for baptism on the 13th of August and we want to baptize Stefany on that same day, too.  But we’ll have to mark with her, too, because until now she’s only received one lesson.  AHHH, but I’m so excited about them! 
            We also have Gabriel who’s close, it’s just mark a date with him and baptize.  Simara and Marcos who will marry, and hopefully she can stop smoking.  Alison, whose a new investigator that went to church today with us and is super good.  There are a few others, too, but these are our focus for now.  Today was day 383 of my mission.

Pieces of his Email to Mom and Dad:

Look at what just came out in our weekly newsletter!! 


Yes, I’m too far away to feel the effects of the Olympics. The torch passed through Cruz Alta here, but we couldn’t go see it. But yea it´ll be interesting. People always talk about the state of the government and stuff in brazil, and especially in Rio, and let me tell you I’m happy to be an American.

All is well. I’m happy. :) Love you guys!!  Elder McKee

Cooking apple pies and mini pizzas over at Pamela's families house.

 Jake is on the last row, 2nd in from the right.
 3rd in from the right

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