Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fusball Champ

Week of July 25-31, 2016
(25) SEGUNDA (Monday):  P-day!  Luciano invited us to eat lunch with him and his family, which of course was Churrasco.  WOOT WOOT!  THEN! He accepted baptism.  He’s going to read, his wife also, and they’ll pray.  They said that if they feel like they receive an answer, they will be baptized.  They are an amazing family.  We’re super excited about them.
            I also made the worst cookies I’ve ever tasted today.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but they were like bits of chocolate in balls of chalk.  Today is day 384 of my mission.
(26) TERCA (Tuesday):  The best part of today was when we went to Geovana’s house to plan her baptism and teach her another lesson and we marked 2 more baptisms for the same day.  Her cousin Stefani wants to be baptized together with her, and her other cousin, who is living with her.  It’s a special case with them all because they live in our ward boundaries, but will be baptized in another ward to attend there.  It’s a long story, but today the elders from that ward, who are our zone leaders with who I’m great friends, called to talk out the details.  They said that President said that my comp and I will teach them and prepare them, then they will be baptized in the other ward and they will be reported for baptizing them. In other words, we prepare them and everything and then they will get their names on the records.  They told us this, and it seemed like they were a little scared that we would be upset for getting no credit.  I said, “Hey man, I don’t even care about that.  I just want permission to leave my area so we can watch the service.”  And I was a little surprised that I really didn’t feel anything but happiness that they would be baptized. 
            Our other baptism fell through for now, because his parents won’t let him yet.  But after some more time he will be baptized.  I know it.  I am super happy and absolutely loving this area.  I fear that I’ll be transferred.  If President called and told me that I was going to be staying here until I leave for home, I would be very happy.
            Nathanael is doing great.  We visited him today, and when we asked him who of his friends we could teach he opened his Facebook and started to talk to people.  He would start the conversation like this, “Hey, you know that I was recently baptized in the church.  The missionaries are here and I wanted to invite you to receive their lessons.”  One of the people he ‘randomly’ selected was Stefani, Geovana’s cousin, which we didn’t connect until after.  He has a lot of courage and is not ashamed in the least to talk to his friends about he gospel.  He got us a bunch of addresses.
            Today was day 385 of my mission.
(27) QUARTA (Wednesday):  A lot if falling through lately.  But today was a very happy day for me, because Marcos called me.  When we went to their house, they had their birth certificates.  This week they’ll go do the first marriage papers!  WOOT WOOT!  Also, Bishop called Marcos about a job opening that he could take.  Much better hours.  I wanted to run to bishops house and hug him.  We told Simara, “Look, look at EVERYTHING the Lord is doing for you guys to be baptized!  It’s time to do our part. You need to stop smoking.”  I want sooo bad for them to be baptized!!  I know that I probably won’t even be here for their baptism, but I’m not even worried about hat.  They are reading and praying and studying and the only thing left is this marriage, which will take another month or so.  And she needs to quit smoking.  So, let’s ALL pray very hard for her.  Today was day 387 of my mission.
(28) QUINTA (Thursday):  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  I LOVE YOU!! Wow, 21 again.  2 more years and we’ll have the same age.
            Today EVERYTHING fell through.  Almost 
            Frist off, we got a visit from President.  He’s such a good guy.  And Sister Louza is super sweet.  They complimented us on how clean the house is  (Keeping the house clean, another thing I learned on the mission) and President said my Portuguese is very good and that he is very impressed.
            Then we went to Allison.  He’s 15, reading the Book of Mormon, talked about he whole story of it, using their names.  He’s going to seminary and to church.  But where he’s under 16, and nobody in his family is member, the mission says we can’t baptize him until after he goes to church 12 times!  It’s to show he’ll stay firm in the church.  So, we’re teaching everything with calm and clearly, because it’ll take 12 weeks at least.
            Also the zone leaders called, saying that those baptisms actually will be in our names because it’s our area.  This whole thing is a big confusion. They live in the area of 1st ward, so they should attend 1st ward.  We are going to go visit them tomorrow with Bishop to explain a few things.  Really what they need are some friends in 1st ward.  It’ll all work out. 
            Bishop brought a fusball table.  I DESTROYED.  I beat everyone I played, All 2 of them.  Then I left because we had a lesson.  Today was day 388 of my mission.
(29) SEXTA (Friday):  Today was a fantastic day.  So, the other day we stopped a man in the street to talk to him.  He told us to pass by his house, pointing to a green house a little way off.  Today we passed by that green house, asking if the man was home.  The people didn’t know him.  Long story short, the guy had lied about it, but we talked with them and they let us in and it was really good lesson.  Maybe the guy lying was actually God guiding us to this family.  Then I thought, ‘if this family is baptized because this guy lied to us, is it still a sin on his part?’
            Visited Geovana today also.  We went with Bishop, and they had already decided to stay here in 1st ward!!  But it was really good to have bishop there with us to speak and help them understand a few things.  She wanted to be baptized this next Saturday, on the 6th, so she will be.  Her cousin who is living with her family will wait a little longer, and her other cousin, too, but they will all be baptized.
            Another cool thing is that her mom is ‘espiria’ (I don’t know how to say it in English…) But, she said that before, she had been going to this other church, feeling good.  Now, she’s feeling like she’s missing something, and she needs more.  She sai that she feels a big desire to go to OUR church with her family.  There’s another baptism!  Just that also need to get married.  It’s so ANNOYING!  Why can’t everyone just be married?
            But we are super excited and happy. All is going very well.  Today was day 389 of my mission.
(30) SABADO (Saturday):  We did the baptism record with Giovanna today.  Cristofer and Stefani are going to wait a little more, but they want to be baptized as well.  And her mom, Graciele.  And tomorrow they are taking a bunch of people to church.  Simara also is going to go tomorrow, and Mateus, and Alison maybe, Gravriel and Gustavo.  We are going to FILL that sacrament room.
            Giovanna’s interview will be Tuesday, and her baptism on Saturday.  I’m super excited.
            Simara is having a lot of troubles to quit smoking, and I get frustrated because it seems like she isn’t really trying.  But today, she asked about polygamy.  Her friend had seen some show with that reformed Mormon church where they have multiple wives.  Her friend told her all about it, saying that they called themselves the Mormons.  So, then we had to explain plural marriage, how we did practice it, how we don’t anymore, and how the other churches still practice it and also believe in the Book of Mormon.  I fear that she won’t end up being baptized, but Marcos will.    I’ve told Simara hundreds of times about the blessings of repentance, and the blessings of the church, and of the word of wisdom. I think its time that I show her the consequences of not doing these things. The scriptures leave it very clear. I’ll just try and explain things very clearly. We, as the missionaries, have done everything we can and a little more, and the Lord also. Now its time for her to do her part. Today is day 390 of my mission.
(31) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today was a bunch of miracles.  There was a TON of people at church today.  We had 8 of our investigators there with us.  Everyone’s excited about Giovanna’s baptism.  We marked the 20th for the baptism of Stefani, her cousin, and the 3rd of September for Stefani’s mother.
            Alison also went, and is progressing a lot.  Simara went, but we think that she drank coffee and smoked before going. This week went very well and I have fear to be transferred.  Today was day 391 of my mission.

Some of our email:
Marte told Jake about Andy sleep walking at a hotel and ending up outside.  Jake answered with this:
hahahahahahhaha Our family needs to go to a doctor or something for this sleep walking habit of ours. I had a companion who would lock the door every night then hide the key because one day we all woke up to the door wide open and the key on my desk. We aren’t sure where I went or what I did in the middle of the night.  Then I had to tell them about my habit of sleep walking. But that is so funny. :)
We were telling Jake about a picture and there is a man in the background that looks like he is walking on water.  Marte said it was Jesus photo bombing the picture. Jake said this:
hahaha I’m laughing and laughing about the Jesus photo bomb. My comp right now is Elder Jesus. Where I’m training him, he´s my son. So I can say ´this is my beloved son, hear him. ´ Or when he does something well ´this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.´ Usually I’m the only one who laughs, but real humor often goes unappreciated. 

I love you all.  
Elder Mckee

 District Pictures
Pictures from Facebook Friend, Pamela.  She is the sweetest girl.  Her family feeds the missionaries a lot.  So thankful for the pictures she sends.

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