Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Companion, New Area

Week of August 22-28th, 2016
(22) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Today was SUPER good.  We ate lunch at Simara’s house, and they had made me a video on the computer, like a slide show of every picture they had of me.  Then we left, running to catch my bus.  I got into Santa Maria, and there were so many elders, I gave up my claim to a bed to sleep on the boxes of the Book of Mormons.  Because my bed was in the big room with 20 other Elders.  The boxes were in the other room with 2 missionaries who are my good friends.  We were sleeping early. The other Elders were yelling and playing until 4:00am.  Today was day 413 of my mission.
(23) TERCA (Tuesday):  Today Cristofer passed the interview, but I told Marcelino to do the interview because I was already so close to him.  Really that was the only thing interesting that happened today.  The rest was meetings and bus and waiting for the other elder to come.  But all is well.  I’m happy.  Today was day 414 of my mission.
(24) QUARTA (Wednesday):  This area is very different from my last.  For starters, it’s been driven into the ground. There are no investigators!  They have NOTHING!  Most of the members don’t even know the missionaries.  Elder Marcelino knows NONE of the youth.  There’s a lot of work to do.  I’ll resurrect the area.  We’re knocking doors and contacting people.  What we really need is the member’s confidence, because then the referrals come.  Today was day 415 of my mission.
(25) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today a 10-year-old member was asking me to say stuff in English. She said, “How do you say ‘My family is very cool?”  I said, “Your Familia is muito cool.”  Speaking English and Portuguese.  She started laughing and laughing and laughing.  Today, really nothing interesting happened.  Today was day 416 of my mission.
(26) SEXTA (Friday):  I’m really sorry for the quality of the journals this week.  The only reason I’m writing today is because I refuse to go a day without writing.  My companion fell asleep 3 times today.  First time, during lunch.  2nd, in the bus, 3rd, in a lesson with an investigator.  And lunch was in a member’s house!  Ha-ha. 
We had lunch then another commitment on the other side of the area.  It took us an hour to get there, and we took a bus for more then half the distance.  Then the commitment fell through.  Today was day 417 of my mission.

(27) SABATO (Saturday):  Today we went to another city for a baptism, because they don’t have enough priesthood holders in their branch.  That burned our whole day, but it was all worth it.  After I participated in a radio program they have here.  It’s every Saturday from 9-10.  And there’s a way to listen on the Internet.  Missionaries always give shout outs to their families and girlfriends at home listening, but this was the last time they’ll do that program so I won’t be able to do that.  But it was cool I got to talk quite a bit.  Today was day 418 of my mission.

(28) DOMINGO (Sunday):  I’ve heard that every time it’s raining and you work in the rain, your future wife gets more pretty.  If that is true, my wife will put Aphrodite to shame.  Church got over at 6:00.  It was a flippen down pour!  Instead of accepting a ride to center to watch a broadcast thing the church was doing, we walked 20 minutes in the mud to go to a FHE.  Then they have us a ride home. 
            I also gave a talk today on conversion.  I thought it went well.  ALSO!  My camera broke again!  The exact same thing!  I went to flip the screen to take a selfie and the screen went black.  I’ll take it to a place to see if they can open it and fix it.  Today was day 419 of my mission.

Who is your new companion?  Are there other Elders in your house?
Elder Marcelino (meu companion) Elder Marcelino is like a grown little boy. It’s very difficult NOT to love him. Ha-ha
Elder Levita (who is going home next transfer)
Elder Rapuzzi (Argentino who is very funny.

I’m happy and healthy.  Give everyone a hug.

Love, Elder McKee

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