Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brazilian Father's Day

We got a 30 minute phone call from Jake August 14th.  It was so awesome to hear his voice and 
see his face.  His Portuguese is wonderful, and it was funny to hear him mix up his words
 between Portuguese and English.
 The Bakers came over and Joci and Jake got to speak Portuguese to each other.  They laughed at each other's accents, since Joci was in the North and Jake is in the South.  
But they both squealed when they saw each other.  Jake loves their family.  
 Brooke was here for the week visiting and Joey showed up just in time to take 
her to the airport and talk to Jake.  

 It's always great to get to Skype Jake, and always sad when we have to say goodbye.  He did tell us he got a release date of June 20, 2017.  Woo Hoo!  I can't believe we are to that point already.  It's the slowest year of our lives.  We are so proud of him and the great missionary he is.  He is full of strength, love, and faith.  He loves the Brazilian people he has met, and loves being a missionary.

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