Monday, September 26, 2016


Jake and Mom talked back and forth today.  There is an app through email that we are able to talk like texting.  This is some of our conversation:
J:  I’m good this week.  I won’t be able to send the journal pages this week, because this computer doesn’t’ accept my memory card. 
M:  Are you at a different place?
J:  Yes, because we are going to do a big churrasco today with all the missionaries in Cruz Alta, and so we switched up the schedule. 
M:  Did you like the Spider video Dad sent.  You haven’t mentioned it.
J:  I’m crying.  My mind doesn’t process those types of images.
M:  So, do you have an interview date for Simara and Marcos?  Are they close?
J:  YES!! It’s on Friday!!!  Their marriage and their baptism!! And you better believe I’m going!  Ahhhh, I’m so excited.  Hopefully my camera comes before Friday.
M:  If not, you need to borrow your comps camera and get some pics.  We are all so happy they are getting baptized.  We get so excited for the people you teach because we feel like we know them!  We definitely need a picture.    Thiago  (her son) must be so excited!  
J:  Yes, He is very excited!  He’ll baptize Simara, and their friend will baptize Marcos.
M: How was teaching this week?  When are transfers? 
J:  Teaching was very slow.  Everything was slow, but it’s all good because I’m happy.  Transfers are this week.  I think I’ll stay, maybe my comp goes.  I’m good with whatever.  I get along good with my comp.  I’ve gotten to the point that what happens, happens.  And I’ll just go with it.  Elder Levita will go home.  When we ask him to do something, he says, “I’ve only got 8 more days, I don’t even care.”  Ha-ha. 
M:  He’s ready to go home. Tell him if he gets to Utah before you to look us up and we’ll take him to dinner.
J:  Mom!  I think he’s planning on staying in our house.  Ha-ha-ha.  He told me, “McKee, I don’t know why I was transferred to come to a new area for my last transfer, but I think it was because I needed to meet you because I will need help in Utah when I go.
M:  Oh, ha-ha.  Ok.  We better learn more Portuguese because all we know is Obrigado.  When is he planning on coming?
J:  I think about the same time that I get home.  But he really doesn’t want to be a burden.  He said that he’d try and find his own place and work, but that if he needs it he wants to maybe stay in our house.  Then he said that he’d ask you and dad for a list of all the rules he needs to follow, to be there.  But he does have an aunt that told him she would help him with school and travel.  But we still lack a lot of time.  (still have a lot of time).
M:  We will help him get settled.  And he can stay with us until he does.  We are a little crazy, but I think we are fun!  Tell him he is welcome.  We can’t wait for you to come home, so if he gets here before you we’ll just pretend he is you and make him wear the Jake head. 
J:  ha-ha-ha, and he totally would, but I think it will be sometime after. 
M:  Do you get to watch conference this weekend?
J:  Everything but the Priesthood session.  With the time difference, it starts at 9 and doesn’t get over until 11.  We’ll watch it at a later date.

 One thing I noticed this week; my area has a lot, and I mean a LOT, of mud. Roads of dirt. And when it rains, forget about it. And everyday, I leave with my clean shined shoes, and everyday I return with my shoes filthy. It goes something like this:

We leave the house, all clean. We start walking, and then there it is. The road of mud. You walk and walk, on tiptoes, jumping and dodging trying to stay clean. But it’s in vain. There’s no avoiding it. You get a spot of mud on the shoes, and give up. Just walking to avoid the worst of it. Then, after a while you don’t even try to do that, walking through puddles of mud to the ankle. 

Sometimes, what we have done is we take a detour. We walk around the block, which is longer, but it’s a stone road, so no mud. Doing this we don’t get muddy at all.

In my studies the other day, I noticed that our life and temptations are a lot similar. Sometimes we think we can walk the path of temptation and not fall, or walk the muddy road and not get muddy. We start walking on tiptoes and very carefully. Maybe with friends, just not doing what they are doing. Then you get a spot of mud on your shoes, and think it’s all over. You stop walking as carefully, slowly getting more and more muddy. Before long your just walking without a care, knowing you’re all muddy already. 

Or, you can take the detour. Choose another route, and avoid the mud all together. The best way to avoid getting muddy is to avoid the mud in the first place. The best way to avoid sin is avoid the temptation in the first place. 

My time is up!  I love you mom!!  I hope everyone is good. I’m praying for you all.
I love you all!

Elder McKee

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