Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Week of October 31-November 6, 2016
(31) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Happy Halloween!  Today was good.  We talked with our families, then went and got ice cream.  Then we went with the sisters to one of their investigators, to try and help in the lesson.  We taught the restoration, and it was super good.  Today was day 478 of my mission.
(1) TERCA (Tuesday):  We did splits with 2 young men from the ward.  Leo and I visited a young girl named Luciele.  She’s 12 and is already going to church for years.  She stopped a few months ago, but now her family moved to a house that is closer to the church, and she started going again.  We watched the Restoration with her and her friend who is a member.
            Then in the church there was a presentation thing for a school, which we had to be there.  3 different professors came to explain about the class.  Ha-ha, at one point I was dying laughing because there was a fly in the guys face, but you couldn’t see the fly,  just his hand constantly waving in front of his face.  I had the STRONGEST urge to wave back at him.  Today was day 479 of my mission.
(2) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Because of divisions we ate lunch in first ward.  Then had a baptism interview there.  Then, an activity because today was a holiday.  Then, a meeting.  Then cleaning the church.  One more meeting.  Then we walked home. Yep.  Today was day 480 of my mission.
(3) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today we planned the next activity for the ward.  The rest of the day fell through, so it was just doing contacts.  Sorry, but I am super tired.
Today was day 481 of my mission.
(4) SEXTA (Friday):  Today was the first activity.  Ha-ha, men there were a TON of people, a lot of visitors as well.  It was super exciting.  We had contests and everyone arguing and me trying to keep control.  Everyone mad at everyone, but everyone laughing.  I loved it.  People dressed up.  People dancing.  It was awesome.  I’ll try and send stuff, but my comp was only taking video the whole time, so I’ll see if I can manage to send them.  But it was super funny. T he members of the ward liked it as well.  But I am super tired.  Today was day 482 of my mission.
(5) SABADO (Saturday):  So, here’s a story.  At lunch, we ate and they had made a dessert, which was Jell-o.  I don’t like Jell-o, but it’s fine, I’ll eat it.  So, I’m eating, and as I go to put the spoon in my mouth, I see a dark spot on my yellow Jell-o out of the corner of m eye.  I don’t really give it much thought, but then I notice it moved.  My hand was already in the route to my mouth, and I ate it.  Then I realized I had put the black moving spot into my mouth.  Nobodies looking, so I spit it back out.  IT’S A FREAKEN SPIDER!!  You know that feeling you get when your throat tightens and closes, and you feel like your stomach is doing flips.  I felt this big time, and my eyes started watering.  And I’m just looking at that spider crawling around in my bowl.  But besides this, today went well.  Today was day 483 of my mission.
(6) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today was awesome.  Because of this competition we are doing with the members we had 6 visitors at church.  6!!  And we didn’t have to do anything!  We just brought Elizeu, who is our investigator already.  The rest was the members bringing investigators.  Today was day 484 of my mission.

How far do you think you walk a day?   About 10-15 on any day.  We live about 3.1 miles from our church, and then another mile or two to the end of our area.  Then we have the other half of our area that is about 6 miles in the other direction.  I’ve never even gone there because it’s so far.  Nobody there wants to walk so far to go to church.  So, we work closer to the church.

I’m doing good.  Transfers come this week.  I’ll let you know next Monday.  7 1/2 months in the same city is a long time, but I could stay here for the rest of my mission and be happy.  

I love you all. 

Elder McKee

 Elder Rapuzzi has been in the mission 6 months.  Celebrated with pizza.
 I came home one day and the other elder had taped my wallet to the ceiling.  
So, I grabbed a hammer, and some nails.  Then I grabbed his planner (The little book we use to plan and organize EVERYTHING) and I nailed it to his door with a nail going right though the middle of it.  Then I nailed his drawer shut on his desk as well.  haha.  Then I discovered that it wasn't evenElder Rapuzzi that did it.  It was his comp.  haha.   

 I start my meals with fruit then load up my plate with rice and meat and pasta and lasagna.  

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