Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Conference

Week of December 12-18 2016

(12) SEGUNDA  (Monday):  Because of the conference we are going to have tomorrow, 6 elders came to our house from another city to sleep here and leave early, tomorrow morning.  So, we grabbed everyone and we went bowling.  Man it was fun.  Us 10 elders, and 2 sisters.  Then everyone slept on the floor.  Today was day 521 of my mission.


(13) TERCA (Tuesday):  We left at 6:00 AM today for the Christmas Conference in Santa Maria.  It was super fun. Everyone loved the video my zone made, especially my dancing.  Ended up that I did not dance with President, but he repeatedly tried to dance like I do and everyone started laughing.  Then we traded presents, like a white elephant.  I had bought a toy warrior on a horse, and with a sharpie scratched out the real name and wrote ‘Captain Moroni.’  It was pretty sweet.  Then I got a freaken rubber chicken leg that squeaks when you squeeze it. 


            Then we came home and bought a huge pizza for us 10, because they have to sleep in our house again to leave tomorrow.  Today was day 522 of my mission.
(14) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Today was very busy, with few people answering their door. T hen we had to do a little division so I could do 2 baptism interviews for the other elders.  One of them went very well with a funny boy of 9.  The other, with his older sister, was the most spiritual interview I’ve had, but in the end she couldn’t be baptized.  A few things to be taken care of by President Louza first.  She was super sad, but understanding as well.  Today was day 523 of my mission.
(15) QUINTA (Thursday):  Look at my day today.  We went to lunch at the house of Pedro, who we had helped paint his house.  They made lunch, and then asked if we could help with the last paint job.  Of course, we said yes.
            So, they have metal bars on the window, and one was broken.  Pedro said, “I’ll have to weld that,” and all I said was “Hey, I’ve welded before.  It’s pretty cool.”  Then he said, “Alright, then the machine is right there in the corner.  Do it for me.”  And he sat down.  Ha-ha, not I didn’t want to say that it had been a long time and I’d only done it like twice, so I grabbed the machine and went for it.  I clamped on the ground, and started going.  After, Pedro looked at it, touched it up, then told me to weld his door as well.  Then my camera died, so no pictures of me going t it after with the big ole diamond disk cutter that I forgot the name.

            Then President called, about the interview I had done yesterday.  He said to call the woman and ask if she could grab a bus TODAY to travel for an hour to a city to be interviewed by the stake president.  And we were to go with her.  So, I got her number and called, and she was super excited to go, so she met us at the bus station to grab a bus at 6:00.  We went and got back at 10:30. All went well and she will be baptized on Saturday.  She was so happy.  Today was day 524 of my mission.
(16) SEXTA (Friday):  Today was a lot of rain, and that’s about it.  Today was day 525 of my mission.
(17) SABADO (Saturday):  3 Baptisms in our district today!  The first baptisms of Sister Fernandez and Elder Gutus.  They were super happy and excited.  We also went with Nickolas to do some visits, then we helped them prepare the baptism. Then we went and bought hamburgers to celebrate.  Today was day 526 of my mission.

(18) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today I hit a mid-mission crisis.  Ha-ha, I don’t know.  I just wasn’t feeling it today.  I feel like I have to force my body to take every step.  I’m just tied.  Not like I need to sleep, but Like that feeling where you’re just spent.  I have a lot to improve.  And still a lot to do.  On the 13th Sister Moss went home.  I’m happy I still have 6 months to finish because I still need to reach some of my goals. 
            BUT!  Today was Sister Cunhas’s birthday, and we planned a dinner at a member’s house.  So that was great.  Today was day 527 of my mission.
 I love you all, Elder McKee
 Jake was suppose to take a picture of him sitting on Santa's lap...instead he sent home this pic of him looking like a cracked out Santa on a street corner in L.A.  haha.
 The Elders got their tree and stockings up.
 Elder Gates, Elder Robledo, Jake, Elder Costa
 Elder Costa said that he could beat Jake.  Jake tackled him then tickled him.
 Elder Costa and jake

 Jake and Elder Gates
Bubble blowing with Elder Costa

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