Monday, December 12, 2016

Goat on a Rope!

Email we got on December 5 about the past week:

 Its crazy that the year is almost over! So, this week I didn’t write a single time in my journals. I know, I’m a terrible sinner, but there’s always repentance. We got the packages! And they all sent a huge thank you. :)
            My week was very rushed, but it was super good. It was 2 days of divisions and a lot of bus rides. I spent about 6 in the bus. A lot of time to really ponder and sleep. :) We found a really, really good family that is a dad, mom, and three kids, two of which are already baptized but inactive. The parents used to go to church as well, but they weren’t baptized in the past because they didn’t want to get married, but now they want to. So, we are very hopeful about them. It´ll be good.
            But the week went very well. I still have NOT eaten subway. But its all good. Just send kit kats in the package. :) I love you guys!

Week of December 5-12, 2016
(5)  SEGUNDA (Monday):  I was on the computer for about 5 hours making our Christmas video for the conference.  It came out super good, just that at the end the program wanted me to pay.   When I didn’t, they put a huge watermark on top of the whole video of their company’s name.  That didn’t make me too happy.  Then the market didn’t have Pepsi in a can.  The Lord is giving me trials to help my patience.  Today was day 514 of my mission.
(6) TERCA (Tuesday):  Today an old woman told me I’m muito bonito, which means very handsome.  So yea, today was a good day.
            We were teaching 2 old women and it was a SUPER spiritual lesson.  I was loving it.  And they were understand and asking questions, and at the end we challenged them to baptism. Then the old lady started off on how she’s too old to leave her family and how they need her.  I said, “No, but nobody is telling you to leave your family.  She said, “I know, but you said baptism.  You guys are young, so you can decide to live this kind of life.  But I can’t stand walking all day in the sun or leaving my home.”  She thought that baptism meant they automatically send you off on your mission. 
            I also learned today that I still have a long way to go on my patience.  We were walking and talking with a LOT of people.  But nobody wanted to pay attention.  Then there comes a young guy, and all I say is “Hey man, can I just give you a present.”  And he doesn’t even stop walking, or does he look at me.  He just says, “No, I’m busy.”  I don’t know why but that upset me.  I had a little lime in my pocket, and I went to putt it out to throw at him, but then I thought better of it.  Today was day 515 of my mission.
(7)  QUARTA (Wednesday):  So, there’s this old man we visit.  His name is Cesear.  He’s old, racist, and crazy. Today he said, “I don’t like black people.  And I tell them I don’t like you.”  So I said, “But Cesear, I’m black.”  He looks at me and said, “No you’re the color of dirt.  It’s a good color.”  Ha-ha, then he said he went to church for about 3 months, but stopped because everyone there was poor.  But really few interesting things happened today.  Today was day 516 of my mission.
(8) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today we visited a less active named Paulo.  He’s a returned missionary, was branch president, district president, married in the temple.  But now it’s been about 20 years that he hasn’t gone to church.  We went and started talking to his 24-year-old son, who isn’t baptized.  We asked if he had already prayed to know if the church was true.  He said, “no, because I don’t believe in God.”  So, I asked him what happens after we die? He said, “nothing.”  “Then why are we here, what’s our purpose?”  He said, “We don’t have one.”  So, I said, “Wow man, that’s super sad.  You live a life without hope or purpose.” 
            And really it does make me sad.  Because of the choice of his parents, he didn’t receive the chance while young to grow up in the church.  Now that he’s old enough to choose for himself, he’s got this mindset that is against God.  I don’t understand how someone cannot believe in God.  For me, it’s so clear.  Today was day 517 of my mission.
(9) SEXTA (Friday):  Today we went to the house of a family of recent coverts where not all are members to find them painting their house.  They saw us and said, “Hey!  Grab a chair and sit in the shade!”  But I was already taking my tie off as I said, “nope!!  Give me a paint brush.”  And we painted everything.  We were there for a few hours.  Painting and talking.  At the end they invited us to dinner tomorrow.  So, that’s one blessing that comes for our service.  We also had a great lesson with them all about 2 Nephi 31, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Today was day 518 of my mission.
(10) SABADO (Saturday):  So, we went to the dinner to find them painting again.  So we helped them finish up, then ate a great dinner.  Then after, Pedro, who is the man, gave my comp a rope and asked him to bring his goat around.  We’re sitting in the front, and my comp, Elder Costa, starts yelling.  He comes running, with the goat on the rope, and the other goat, who is a male, is trying to make little baby goats with the other.  Cost is yelling, “Hey!  I’m an Elder.  You can’t do that with me here!”  Ha-ha, it was so funny.  Pedro starts laughing super hard.
            Also today something that made me feel good was that after a lesson Elder Costa said, “You know, you have a super strong testimony. I always feel the spirit when you speak in the lesson.”  That made me feel super good, and I realized how far the Lord had brought me spiritually.  Today was day 519 of my mission.
(11) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Today was a broadcast with all of the stakes in Brazil.  The general authorities in Salt Lake were on the screen saying some stuff.  But as the broadcast began, there was a problem with the audio, and it was in English.  I could see the leaders scrambling to figure it out and everyone in the 2 wards there started talking and not paying attention.  So, I went up to one of the leaders and said I would translate for him while they figured it out.  He thanked me a lot.  So, I went to the front, turned the sound down to where I could only hear a little, and I stood there for 15 minutes, translating for everyone.  The mic wasn’t working, so I just spoke loud.  Not everyone in the back could hear, so some of them came closer.  It was hard, because as I would speak I wasn’t able to hear everything he was saying, but it went pretty good.  After, people came up to me to thank me and one lady came to me crying saying she had learned form my example, and my attitude.  So, that was the highlight of today.  I’m also SUPER excited or Christmas!!  WOOT WOOT!  Today was day 520 of my mission.

I love you guys!!  Bye, Elder McKee
Sisters and Elder Gates
 Finally got to eat at Subway.  
 Burrito with Taco Bell Hot Sauce
 Elder Costa
 Elder Gates and Jake enjoying Taco Bell Sauce
 Jake and Elder Costa
 District Meeting
Elder Gates, Elder Robledo, Jake, Elder Costa
 Homemake Pizza
 Store bought pizza
 "Mom, you don't even know how many tries and popped balloons it 
took to get my hand in the ballon"
 Christmas Ties and Hats
 It's a good night with pizza and pepsi!
 Elder Costa and SANTA??
Elder Costa

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