Monday, April 17, 2017

Drowning a Baby in Yogurt!

April 15, 2017
Hello Family,                                                                     
         So, in church, we have the young couple that was recently baptized. The dad was blessing the sacrament for the first time, and so Elder Santos and I stayed with Thalia to help her with her 2 kids. One is 2 years old, and I’ve never seen a kid with so much energy, and the other is 6 months. You saw them in the video where I was doing exercises with the girl. Anyways, so Thalia would be calming one of them down, while I held the other. Then, the one I was holding would get hyper, and we would switch. So I’m with the little baby, and I was giving her yogurt to drink little by little. Then, she spits it all up, so I put the little cup to the side and grab the rag to clean it all up. When I took away the yogurt, she starts crying hard. I try to give the yogurt back, and she just kept crying. I look at Thalia and say “Hey! Why is she crying!?”  She replies “because she wants more.” I say “I tried to give her more! Look!” so I go to give her more, and a LOT of yogurt came out at once into the baby's mouth, right at the same time that she opened it to give a big yell, so she gets a throatful of yogurt and she starts coughing. Right then, a member a few rows up looks back because of the crying, and sees me drown the crying baby in yogurt. He laughs and turns back around. Then I say to Thalia “take your baby, she's drowning in yogurt. I don't speak baby yet.” but Thalia was laughing too. So we switched, and I went back to trying to control the 2 year old, but it's a very hard job. We decided to get someone from the ward to help Thalia, because we don't really know anything about babies. The baby is 7 months old and I asked Thalia why she doesn't talk yet….. Apparently that comes later…. I don't know. I have a lot to learn.
         My week was great. We worked and worked and worked. Only one day in the office. We taught a bunch, and made friends with a group of young men, about 5 of them. Priscila is very, very good! We had another lesson with her yesterday. I made her cookies. She is progressing a lot.
         So, the zone is doing a game. For every key indicator, there are points given. I explained it in a video, but its in Portuguese... anyways. We hardly get to work, so we have an unfair advantage. This being our only week of real work this transfer, we went crazy. For every address doing contacts we get its one point. We worked our butts off, and we got 72 address! That’s more than anyone else in the mission!!! At least this week. We were talking with EVERYONE. Because we do NOT want to take last place. Last week, we were in last place with 14 points. It was terrible. Now we are in 3rd place with 113 points. :) That’s what I’m talking about, but now we will get destroyed because this next week are the conferences, and we will be wrapped up with that and traveling. But its all good. We have a lot of people to visit now. I also finished the video. it came out super good and I’m super excited to show everyone. 

I love you guys!! Thanks for everything.
Elder McKee
Elder Santos
 Elder Costa, Elder Cordozo, Elder Santos, and Jake taking a break.
 We aren't sure why we got this picture.  :)

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