Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter & Conferences

April 22, 2017
Hi Everyone, 
This week we had our conference with the mission.  This is the one I made the video of all the missionaries opening their calls to Santa Maria.  Everyone loved, loved, loved the video. A lot of people cried. They asked to play it again. They laughed at some of them. It was mostly the sisters that cried. 
 There were two conferences this week.  In the top pic Jake is 3rd standing on the left.
In the bottom he is kneeling on the right front corner. 
 Jake saw the girls at the conference take a pic 
so he went over with his camera to get a pic.  
 Elder Childs
Sister Lobato, Sister Wilkins, Jake
Sister Fernandez, Sister Cardozo, Jake

Visiting Cruz Alta
 Elder, Thaigo, Jake, Giovannia

Easter... was a normal day. I sent a video of our Easter. Walking in the rain. It wasn’t until this morning that we had time to do the egg hunt, and there are still eggs hidden at home that nobody found. Ha-ha its super funny, 6 guys running around yelling and flipping the beds over and tearing the suitcases apart to try and find the eggs. 

Elder Cardozo, Elder Costa, Elder Santos, Jake, Elder Barbosa, Elder Vasquez
            For mothers day I think we will be calling from the president’s house!!! Because Elder Santos is staying an extra transfer, and as a gift president will let him use his house to call, and I’m his companion right!? I’ll let you know when we know the time.
            Why are you called Elder? Elder is a title, or an office, that we hold. By calling us elder, we take a bit of the focus off of our self, and put the focus more on our responsibility to teach to gospel. We then have our family´s name, to remember who we are representing, then the churches name, to show what we are representing. Its more or less like that.
            This week is the leaders counsel, there’s a group that’s going home, and a group that’s coming.  We will be staying in Santa Maria this week.  No traveling.
            ALSO!! Our amazing investigator Priscilla accepted to be baptized on MAY 27TH!!!! Does that date sound familiar!?! Man I’m so flipping excited!!!!!! She´s amazing. She´s sooo good!! I’m super excited.

I love you all!! :)
Elder McKee
Zone t-shirts
Elder Costa, Elder Munns, Elder Francis, Elder Bezerra, Elder Olivares, Elder Alencar, Elder Bento
Jake, Elder Canaverde, Elder Burton, Elder Rawson, Elder Barbosa, Elder Lundrigan, Elder Fernando, Elder Cardozo.
Elder Vasquez, Sister Sinclair, Sister Lacerda, Elder Santos.

 A few pictures of me sleeping.  Weird.
Elder Santos
 The office.
Jake, Elder Loureiro, Elder Burton, Elder Scott, Elder Martins, Elder Costa, Elder Lundrigan
 Elder Santos, Jake, President and Sister Louza
Elder Alencar, Elder Bento

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