Monday, May 8, 2017

7:30 o'clock, English is Hard!

April 29, 2017

Jake is sending videos now, so this is typed from his video.  Imagine him talking with an accent.  Read it in your best Portuguese accent. 

       So, I have some time before the English class and wanted to give you a run down of what happened this week.  My P-day’s gotten a lot more…I don’t have that much time on the computer.  I still have an hour. But I have a lot of stuff to write, and I always forget stuff because I stopped writing in my journal.  But I made this video and you can watch the video and then you will know everything. 
            What happened is on Monday we were here; we were here in this little office.  We grabbed all the numbers and commentaries, which was good.  Then we went running to President’s house because there is a group that is leaving, that is going home.  So we went there to help with them.  I took some pictures so I’ll send them to you.  That was really cool.  It’s cool to see their testimonies.  But holy crap, a lot of them, after two years in the mission, they don’t even know how to bare a testimony.  They are like an airplane.  They come and you think they are going to land and they take off again on another topic.  And they come around and they Whooom, and just go back, and keep going in circles.  There was one missionary that bore his testimony for 20 minutes.  Huuumph.  How many missionaries are going away?  We had 20 missionaries there that had to bare their testimony.  But they all went home, it’s all-good.
 The next day on Tuesday, We came to the office because it was a transfer.  It was the day everyone would be traveling and we knew there would be troubles and stuff.  But, so yeah, we were just here, helping, doing stuff, running the mission.  And Tuesday night we went to pick up the new missionaries.  And Tuesday night about 8 o’clock, we get a phone call from an unrecognized number and the area code is from Porte Allegra, which is the airport.  And so the minute that I saw that area code I knew that somebody had lost their airplane.  And 2 people had lost their airplane.  Missed their airplane.  They didn’t catch it because their retarded.  They didn’t catch it because they stayed in the Temple for 3 hours more then they should have.  They were suppose to leave the temple at 3 o’clock to get in the airport in time to catch their plane at 7:40.  Instead of leaving the temple at 3 o’clock then left the temple at 6 o’clock.  They got there at the airport at about 7:30 and they didn’t let them on the plane.  So, we had to take care of all of that.  And then we went and picked up all the new missionaries, 8 new sisters, and 4 new elders, one of which was American, which was really cool.  I love picking up the new missionaries.  It’s so cool to see their power and they just want to do everything.  They come off the plane and they’ve done contacts with everybody on the plane, and everything, and it’s super, super cool.  So, we were super excited about that.  Then we left them in the hotel, and we slept at presidents house.  I got to walk on carpet again, and take another shower in the really nice shower.  That was good!
That was Tuesday, then on Wednesday we came back here to the chapel and we gave them training, and all the trainers were here, and President just did interviews with them.  And we stayed here the whole day because somebody had to be here with the trainers, and doing stuff with them and organizing them.  That was pretty good.  We got to see a lot of old friends.  It was pretty sad, actually, it’s the last time I’m going to see a few of them, most of them. 

            Thursday, we worked the whole day.  It was awesome.  We have 3 new investigators, and all 3 of them accepted baptism.  And then one of them, her name was Naooza (?), and she was an address that we had acquired a few weeks ago, and we went there and she was elect.  She was super, super good.  It was a perfect lesson.  It was awesome.  It was so good.  And she’s going to come to church with us on Sunday.  And she’s going to be baptized.  That’s how it works. 
            Today is Friday.  Right now.  It’s Friday o’clock.  Whoa…it’s Friday and it’s 7:30 o’clock.  7:30, I don’t know if you can say o’clock after 7:30.  But it’s 7:30 on Friday, today we had our district meeting, then we ate lunch.  Then we went and tried to visit a few of our investigators, but they weren’t home so we went to a less actives house, then we came here to the chapel to help with the English classes.  And we are going to get started right now.  And that was our day, that’s about all that happened.  And that’s about all I have to say. 
More from email:
Do you travel this week?  This week we start divisions, but it’s just here in Santa Maria. I’ll be staying in the area, and Elder Santos will go to the other areas. 
What is your monthly allowance?  M monthly allowance from the mission is 140 Reais every 15 days, or 280 a month. It’s enough to get by in a missionary life. I’m super healthy, I even went running this week.... to the bakery to buy bread. :) ha-ha its about  blocks away. But I’m going to start running more. I do exercises with pieces of train tracks. I’m super happy and feliz.
In all your pictures you look like you are freezing.  You are all wrapped up. I’m using wool socks. And I always got cold easy at home, and here I’ve gotten used to the heat. I think I’ll suffer when I get home. 

Hey, my time is almost up! I love you guys!

Elder McKee
 Some of the secretaries that were leaving, and the new ones, 
and Jake and Elder Santos went out to lunch.  
 Jake, Sister Sinclaire, Elder Santos
Sister Andrade, Sister Lacerda, Elder Santos, Jake, Elder Barbosa

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