Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Man of Faith

May 13, 2017

Alright, this week was actually a really, really good week.  We had a lot of good stuff happen.  Let’s see…Monday we were just in the office.  Tuesday was really the only day we had to work in our area.  Elder Santos was in another city in a division, so I was here with another Elder.  It was an awesome day.   We had a ton of stuff that we did, visited a bunch of people.  Giovanni, who is going to be baptized in a week, is fantastic.  He’s doing great.  Pricilla is going to get baptized in two weeks.   And she is doing even better because she is going to give us lunch today.  But yeah, everything is going great. 
            My eye is swollen up, swelled up; I don’t know how to say it.  You can still kind of see it.   It’s been annoying, but it’s getting a lot better and it’s going down.  I’m a man of faith and I said a few prayers. 

            Wednesday, I worked with Elder Martins, who I trained, and the missionary that he is training right now.  So, I worked with my son, and my grandson, which is really cool.  They are really good missionaries. 
            On Thursday I worked with the other missionaries that are in this house.  Elder Santos was still traveling. 
            Friday, which was yesterday, I worked in Salgado Filho, which was my 1st area.  It was cool, I got to see a few people that I met there, but I didn’t get to see many of the people I worked with they are working in another area, another neighborhood, where these people don’t live.  
It was a good day, I learned a lot.
            Then today, Saturday, I’m going to go to the computer house in a little bit.  At noon we’re going to go to Pricilla’s house and eat lunch there with her and her family.  That will be good.  
I’m going to take some pictures. 
            This week I’ll be in the office Monday, I’ll go to Cruz Alta Tuesday, Santo Angelo Wednesday, São Luiz Gonzaga Thursday, Santiago Friday, and Saturday morning ill come back to Santa Maria for my next p-day! Ha-ha-ha I’ll visit ALL of the areas I’ve passed in on my whole mission. Just doing splits and training and helping and seeing how we can improve the mission.
            To answer your question, snake is a girl who likes the missionaries more than is appropriate to like Elders. Usually young women, sometimes other sisters. We call them snakes.     
            Tomorrow I will call at 6pm my time, so about 2 your time.  Can’t wait to talk to everyone. 
            And that was my week.  I love you guys.

Elder McKee
Elder Davis, Jake, Elder Soares

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