Sunday, May 28, 2017

I got CAKED!

It’s the 27th of May, 2017.  We are on our way to the chapel, to fill the baptism font for the baptism of Pricilla.  We are super excited; I’m super excited, because it’s going to be a great day.   So, this week was a pretty good week.  It was a whole week of exchanges, I was traveling a lot.  I left on Tuesday and got back this morning at 1:00.  I went and did some divisions with some people.  I got to a lot of new places that I’ve never been.  And I got back at 12:30, and when I got home they had locked the door.  Elder Barbosa thought that he would be funny and he locked the door so I couldn’t get in.  So, I had to climb up the wall on the side and jump through the window.  Then go around, grab the keys, open the door, and grab all my stuff.  Then I just went to bed , and woke up and opened the presents that mom sent me.  Which mom, I already solved the puzzle.  
It took me about 20 minutes, and I got it. (This was suppose to be really hard, and take him a long time to figure out! :( )
But thank you very much for the presents, and thank you for the pictures, it was very uplifting. 

Grandpa and Grandma Munoa

 Korbyn, Kayden, Orrin, Anthony
 Fran and Emily
Baby John John
Lauren, Tannis, Kelly
Jordan and Katie
Ryan and Lori....and Josh
Grandpa and Grandma McKee
Josh being a sheep
Brett and Becky
Rj/Kaycee and Kids
The Bakers
From Mom and Dad

Our family

Then I was sitting there looking at the stuff, and I thought that everyone was waiting, but it was all-good.  Like, I was sitting on my bed, looking at all the stuff I had got.  I also got a tie from Sister Cunha.  She sent it through some elders through a division or something like that.   Then, all the elders in the house told me it was time to get out of my bed.  Then they showed me the eggs that they had.  Mom, remember how you sent me egg dye?  We didn’t end up using it on Easter, so it was sitting on my desk for a long time, and here in Brazil they have a tradition.  When it’s your birthday everyone throws eggs at you.  They smash eggs on your head, and sometimes they throw flour on top of you as well, like they are making a cake on you.  So, when I saw the eggs and that they had dyed them, and put all the sticky faces on them.  
They think they are so funny.  So I had to get out of bed.  They let me put a shirt on, and I grabbed my Taser.  Then it started.  It was 4 against me, because 1 guy was filming it all, which I’ll send the video to you guys.  It worked pretty well.  They got eggs all over my new shoes that I had bought.  Which were like Gaucho sandals, which were made of leather, but they got egg all over it.  But I got caked with eggs and flour.  And I was like, “Alright, calm down.”  I went and took a shower,  which it took me forever to get all the egg out of my hair, all those egg shells.  And then I came out of the shower and it started again.  They started throwing more eggs at me. 
Elder Barbosa and Jake

Elder Costa and Jake

  I didn’t’ get video this time.  But I got some pictures.  And I took another bath.  And tried to clean up the house but it smells like raw eggs, everywhere.  I don’t think that smell is going away.  It was like 15 eggs that they ended up smashing on my head.  But, Yeah, that was my day so far.  We are going to fill the baptismal font, then go to the lan house, and talk to our families. 
            This week I will stay in Santa Maria.  It’s the week of transfers.  My new companion is Elder Pereira Santos.  He’s a great guy. 
            Thank you for everything.  And all the support, and birthday package. 
I love you guys.

Elder McKee
Jake, Alefe, Elder Costa

Elder Marcelino, Elder Robledo, Jake

Elder Rasmussen, Jake

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