Saturday, May 20, 2017


Jake’s email this week wasn’t very long.  Mostly it was about things he needs and things we need to do when he gets home.  He did send two videos of him getting shocked and falling to the floor.  Ha-ha.  He is very excited about his baptism today and next Saturday, which is his birthday.  We are down to 59 days.  Thank you for supporting and praying for him.  Here’s his very short letter this week.  Mama McKee

Hello family and friends,

          This week was very good. I got to see some old friends, and work in my old areas. It was great! But a lot of time on the bus! I got home about 3 hours ago after a week of traveling. I’m pretty worn out. But today we have a baptism, so it’s all-good!! 
            This next week I’ll be traveling again!  I love you guys!!
Elder McKee

Elder Santos and Jake working hard in the office.
 Elder Santos
 Camera screen broke and now people's heads are cut off.
Elder Benega, Elder Akeo, Elder Cruz, Jake

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