Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6 Weeks More!

June 3, 2017
Hello family, it's weird to thin that next month I'm coming home.  This week was all week long in the office.  All week.  Very little teaching because of the transfer.  it's super weird to think that this is my last transfer!  It's going to fly by.  I love working with Sister and President Louza.  It's such a blessing!  This next week will be for the most part in the office.  Then we start to teach next week.  It'll be good. I'm super excited.  My new companion in ELDER PEREIRA SANTOS.  He's a super fun, and a super, super good missionary, a lot better then me, which is good because he won't let me die in my last weeks on the mission.  I'll finish strong!  
Love you guys, Elder McKee

June 10, 2017
 So, I’m going to make a quick video about how this week went.  On Monday, we did everything, all of the normal stuff, which is following up on the numbers, and getting the commentary and stuff.  Then we went to Presidents house because there was a group that is going home.  Which is supposed to be my group, but it’s all good.  I’m happy.  I’m happy to be here for another 6 weeks.  But we went there and helped them set everything up, and we ate with them and then came back here and slept. 
Elder Pereira Santos, Sister Sales, Elder Costa, Elder McKee

  On Tuesday we got up early and went to the chapel at the church, and we had a mission council with all of the leaders and we gave an amazing training.  It’s true.  It was an awesome training.  This month we are going to baptize a lot.  The mission is going to baptize a lot.  Yesterday, Elder Pereira Santos and I, called everybody in the whole mission to see how they are doing, and to motivate them to work hard and baptize people.  It’s about 140 people.  That was Tuesday, then Tuesday afternoon we went running to the airport to get the new people and also at the airport was Elder Baker, who came with me, and Elder Vasquez, who also came with me, but they are going home.  And the new people came and they were super excited.  We found out on Monday that the plane was going to get there on Tuesday earlier then we thought.  So, President wanted to do all of the training and give them their new companions on Tuesday so we had to get more hotel rooms and book more lunches, plan all of the trainings, and move everything to that day, and I was running the entire day, and that night I just died on my bed.  But it was super good.  It was cool.  We forgot a bunch of stuff and we lost a big poster that was Presidents.  But we’re going to find it because I’ve already said about 20 prayers, looking for help to find his poster. 
Wednesday we went back to the chapel, and we had to run to the bus station to trade out all of the tickets that had been bought before hand, then we ran back to the chapel to do a study with everyone, and all of the new people there who were just lost and trying to figure out what they were trying to do.  We helped them, then sent them off to their areas.  We did a few other things then went to our area and started to work.  On Wednesday it was raining a lot and I didn’t have an umbrella and I got really, really wet.  But it was all-good because we have a dryer at home, so I just threw my coat in there and it was all good.  But it was cool because even though it was raining we started knocking some doors to find some new people and we found a family which is really, really good.  It’s a mom with 4 kids. 
            Thursday we worked for the whole day.  That day was actually pretty slow because it wasn’t raining anymore, but it was cold.  Really, Really cold, and windy and so nobody would open their doors, but we met with a few in-actives and we found some new people as well, some people we’ve never met before. 
            Then on Friday we had an amazing day.  We spent the entire day on our plans.  Every hour of the day had a plan a, a plan b, and a plan c.  And everything fell through, everything.  And nothing was going right, but it was all good because we are happy guys.  And at the end of the day, about 8:00, we knocked on a door and they let us in.  It was a mom, a dad, and 4 kids, and they loved the message of the restoration.  And they all said they were going to pray about it, and if they get an answer they are going to be baptized.  And we got super excited because they showed a lot of interest and a lot of potential to progress.  And then we came home. 
            Oh yeah, another thing… one of the new missionaries got here and when he got off the plane his suitcase was destroyed.  And the airline said they would send it back to Porte Allegra and they would fix it and get it back to him or buy him a new one.  But in the meantime they gave him plastic bags.  So, I felt bad for him and told him that I have a big old suitcase that is about the same size that you can use.  So, we came running home with President while the new people were going to the hotel, so we got in Presidents car and came here to the house.  I tore everything out of my suitcase that I had and we put it in the car and went back to the hotel.  Which I don’t know if you remember a few transfers ago, another new missionary broke his suitcase so I gave my little suitcase to him.  So I have one left and a bunch of stuff, and my room is a mess.  I was doing so well at being organized, but then I had to throw everything out of my suitcase, and everything is everywhere.  So I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to donate to the mission already, and stuff that I don’t need anymore.  I am going to try and fit everything in my suitcase but if I can’t I’ll just buy a little bag or something.  I have a backpack, which I really, really like. 
            I am happy.  I am healthy.  I am amazing as well.  I am super, super __________, because I bought this new laundry detergent and I smell super good.  Ahhhh.  And I have 1500 songs on my iPod that we listen too.  It was all of the EFY music, all the church hymns in English and Portuguese, a ton of classical music that we listen to.  It’s got a lot of stuff and its all church approved.  My companion, Elder Pereira Santos, is from Sao Paulo.  He is 20 years old.  He’s a really good guy.  He’s crazy.  He likes to dance.  He dances very well.  He sings. 
            When we went to the post office to mail the box I got 3 letters.  I got mom’s other birthday picture and Grandma Silcox’ birthday card.  I got a letter from Malena that was in a flamingo, flamingo…flamingo?  I don’t remember if that’s English or Portuguese.  And I got a letter from Joci as well, which was super cool. 
            One more thing, in our grass there are a lot of clovers, and I have found 2-leaf clover and 1 five-leaf clover.  I didn’t even know those existed.  It was cool.  That was my week.  You guys are awesome.  I love you, Ciao.
Elder McKee
Elder Santos, Sister Ancay, Sister Christensen, President and Sister Louza
 Subway with Sister & President Louza and Elder Santos

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