Monday, January 23, 2017

Great Week

Week of Jan 16-22, 2017
(16) SEGUNDA (Monday):  So, we have this old lady, 83 years old, that we found knocking doors.  She’s super sweet.  Well, we were teaching her about baptism the last time and when we taught about the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, she got super worried because she never received that.  So, we showed her the scriptures.  Well, today we went back, and she told us that she had asked her pastor.  She said he told her that it isn’t necessary.  She said, “How can he say it isn’t necessary when its in the Bible?!”  ha-ha, then she said, “I already was baptized in the water.  Can you guys put your hands on me and give me the Holy Ghost?”  But we went explaining.  She said that she would really like to go to our church, but she has no way to get there.  So, we are going to work with a member to pick her up with us.  She’s a super cute old lady. Today was day 556 of my mission.
(17) TERCA (Tuesday):  Today was a division I stayed here in my area.   And Elder Costa left.  I stayed with an elder named Elder Rodriquez.  He’s from Santa Maria.  This isn’t his real mission; he just left for one transfer to stay as a mission.  It’s pretty cool.  We found 2 new families today, and they seem super good.             
            At lunch Elder Rodriquez said that its’ very easy to see the difference between a leader who loves those he leads, and one who doesn’t.  He said that since the first time he talked with me on the phone, he could feel that I cared about him.  He said that the other missionaries notice that.  He said that he wants to be a leader like me when he’s on his mission.  Wow.  Those make me super happy.  Today was day 557 of my mission.
Elder Rodrigues (Part time missionary)

(18) QUARTA (Wednesday):  Another division, but now with a different elder.  Elder Vasquez, who got in the mission the same day that I did.  It was actually a really good day teaching.  We went with a member and he took us to a few of his friends.  That was super cool, because the people let us right in, and paid attention.  We also did a contact with a young woman named Elaiza, who’s 19.  And is an English teacher.  We sat at the front gate for about 15 minutes talking in English.  Then we shared a quick message from the Book of Mormon, and gave her one.  We’re going to go back another day when her parents are home.  Today was day 558 of my mission.
(19) QUINTA (Thursday):  Today we taught the plan of salvation to Juraci.  She loved it and had a lot of questions.  I love teaching the Plan of Salvation.  Before, it was my least favorite to teach because there are so many points they need to understand.  But now I love it because it’s so much more personal for the person when they understand it. They learn that they can have an eternal family.  I love teaching about the family.  Today was day 559 of my mission.
(20) SEXTA (Friday):  We found a family of 5 today, mom, dad, 2 daughters, and a son.  The son is 9-10 and has already gone to church a lot with his grandpa.  The family was super cool.  It had been a while since we’d had a full family like that to teach.  I’m super excited for them!  Today was day 560 of my mission.
(21) SABADO (Saturday):  I sat down with a hymn book today, started with middle C on the piano and by counting the notes I learned how to play ‘Called to Serve’ with the tow hands.  So, today was pretty dang good day.  Today was day 561 of my mission.
(22) DOMINGO (Sunday):  Juraci went to church!  And everyone loved her.  She’s 83 years old and she is super cute.  Also Barbara went, and asked how she can pay tithing.  This shows a TON of progress on her part, about the which we are super excited.  Today was day 562 of my mission.

Thank you for all your love and prayers,
Love you all,

Elder McKee

Elder Robledo, Elder Gates, and Jake
 Elder Costa talking on the phone
Jake, Elder Costa, Allan, and Alefe Lucas
 Jake and Alefe Lucas, who is preparing for a mission. 

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