Monday, February 6, 2017

Going to Santa Maria

Week of January 23-29, 2017
(23) SEGUNDA (Monday):  Today I learned that my leaving date is NOT the 6th of June, but the 18th of July…I’m not sure why.  It made me sad though, not because it’s another month and some, but because now my family won’t be able to fetch me.  I prayed a lot for peace and faith, because I know I’m here to serve the Lord.  All will work out in the end.  Today was day 563 of my mission.
(24) TERCA (Tuesday):  DIVISION!  I got here last night and I’ll go back tomorrow morning.  It’s about 3 hours by bus.  But today went well.  An old man started yelling at us because we tried to do a contact with his granddaughter .  We had a family home evening.  I slept on an old dirty couch last night and tonight I’ll do it again.  Also, rain.  Lots of rain.  Today was day 564 of my mission.
(25) QUARTA (Wednesday):  I got back at 12:00 today.  Then there was a world wide missionary transmission.  They changed the whole schedule!  It depends on the mission and what President says.  We still don’t  know exactly how it will be, but starting Segunda we’ll wake up at 7:00 and sleep at 11:00.  On Segunda I’ll explain better the changes.  Today was day 565 of my mission.
(26) QUINTA (Thursday):  I can’t remember anytime in my mission that I wanted to cry, but today I almost did.  We went to the house at Juraci, the 83 year old woman who went to church on Sunday.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and gave her one.  But the moment I almost cried was after the lesson.  She started asking about our families, and how we live.  Then she pulled out 50 reais, about 15 dollars, and tried to give it to us to buy some food.  She said it’s a small thanks for us having left everything for 2 years to teach her the gospel.  We tried not to accept, because that’s a LOT of money, but she insisted!  I could see and feel the love she had, not just for us, but for everyone.  So, we accepted the money, promising her many blessings.  And I know that God will bless her greatly for this.  We decided to use the 50 reais in the ward mission fund. 
            So, all of today my head was hurting a lot and my body had the chills.  I took my temperature when we got home.  I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not, but it was 100-101 degrees.  The thermometer started beeping and went red, which I figured wasn’t good.  So, I drank a bunch of water, because I know nothing about medicines to take.
            Then President called me.  We talked a little bit, about the area.  How I feel about the work.  Then he said, “Well, Elder McKee, I’ll see you on Monday in my office.  Tomorrow they’ll give you your bus hours.  You’ll have to come a week before the transfer to get the hang of things in a trio with the other 2 assistants, because when Elder Smith leaves in 2 weeks you’ll take his place as my assistant.  Alright?” 
            AHHHH!  I’m super nervous.  I’m going to be the ASSISTANT!  Today was day 566 of my mission.
(27) SEXTA (Friday): Another division today, but only with the elders in this city.  I did an interview for baptism.  This man, Jairo, has been being taught for a while and going to church and everything, but wasn’t feeling ready for baptism.  Then suddenly yesterday the Elders called us and said he had read a passage in the Book of Mormon that touched him and he felt like he couldn’t wait any longer.  He had received his answer that the church is true and wanted to be baptized as fast as possible. 
            We also had an activity in the ward and a lot of people came!  We played dodge ball with water balloons.  It was SUPER fun!  I got a bunch of the young women to focus on one sister, and we DRENCHED her!  Today was day 567 of my mission.
(28) SABADO (Saturday):  We went to Juraci again, so I could say goodbye.  She had been studying all the books we gave her.  We taught her about Christ establishing His church, how that church was lost, then restored through Joseph Smith. W e had already taught this, but she hadn’t understood very well so we taught it again, focusing on the fact that there is only one true church. 
            Then, the baptism of Jairo.  Then we all went to eat hamburgers and celebrate the baptism and my new calling. 
            Also, on Monday I’ll have to go to the lan house early to be able to grab my bus at 11:00.  My new p-day will be on Saturday. The secretaries and assistants have a different p-day, so it is on SAUTRDAY.    Today was day 568 of my mission.
(29)  DOMINGO (Sunday):  Pictures and saying good bye to everyone, at the house of Cris and Carlos.  They had a mini party for me.  It was a good day.  Today was day 569 of my mission.  
Jake, Sister Cunha, Sister Fraga, Sister Lira, Sister Leite, Elder Gates, Elder Robledo, Elder Costa

 Elder Gates
Bishop Neemias and family



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