Monday, February 6, 2017


So, this week was.... an adventure. A real adventure. I learned that my date to leave is NOT the 6th of June, but the 18th of July. I learned this last monday after I talked with you guys. Because of my visa and stuff, they put me to stay one more transfer than normal, which i thought was weird. Then, a few days later, President called and talked a lot with me and called me as the assistant. My new p-day is on SATURDAY!! SO DONT WAIT FOR EMAILS ON MONDAYS ANYMORE!! my new leaving date is the 18th of July. Sorry that ruins some plans. But its all good.

So I’ll answer your assistant questions. One, we do EVERYTHING!! At least a little. There are 4 secretaries that get the main bulk in their areas, but then we mesh in a little in it all. In Brazil, no missionaries can drive. The area presidency doesn’t let that happen.  We travel a lot, for divisions with the zone leaders, and other missionaries the President sends us too. Once a month we give a training with the ZLs and lead and direct the  counsel for ZLs. We give trainings to the whole  mission in the conferences. We travel with president for the conferences. We take care of the logistics and travel for transfers. This last week we were at a computer ALL day, everyday of the week. Then we prepared trainings, I set to work organizing all the YEARS of files that there are.  Every monday we are at the computer all day long following up on how every missonary in the mission is doing, then we have a meeting with President to tell him. President really trusts us a lot. 

My new companion is Elder Santos.  He is from Sāo Paulo.  We’ve known each other since I got in the mission.  He’ll go home two transfers before I do.  

So, the computer isn’t accepting my memory card... so I might not be able to send picutres. But today was a super good p-day. President came and grabbed us and took us on a  scenic drive. Super, super cool. We got up on top of a mountain and  you could see all of Santa Maria!

I am pretty sad that you guys won’t be able to pick me up, and President is too. But it´ll  be all good. We´ll come back when the families I taught are sealed. 

I love you guys!! Thanks for everything!! Sorry the pictures didn’t work.
Elder McKee

Email we got from the Mission Home:

To: Marcie McKee Mamai Da Missao

Dear Sister McKee,

Sister McKee, we would like to thank you for all of the help you have given the mission, but we approach you once more asking for a help. Many of the missionaries in the mission come with little or few garments, or use spent garments for a long time. We would like to ask for a donation of garments from your family. Whatever you and your family are willing to donate would be welcome. We ask for garments for sister and elder, varying in sizes, but a majority the size your son uses because he has a great body. The bottom in 50/50 for elder, and silk for the sisters. The top dry lux for elders, and silk for the sisters. Also, throw in some of the thermal garments, because the winters here are almost as cold as grandpa´s cabin.

Also thank you for the socks. Just wanted to check and see if you sent socks for sisters as well?



Elder Santos e Elder McKee
Assistentes do Presidente
Missão Brasil Santa Maria

Haha, Before we realized it was from Jake we were a little worried about the "Great Body" line.  
This was our answer back:

Dear Elder Santos e Elder Mckee,
We would be thrilled to support the mission and send garments in varying sizes.  We will get those in the mailer this week.  Tomorrow we are sending down the socks, and yes some are for the sisters.  We hope this helps keep toes warm as we know how cold grandpas cabin can get.  We are impressed that you have noticed that our son, Jake, has a nice body since we heard he is covered in spots. :)  Also, jake has a habit of wearing all his underwear at once...this could be the reason there isn't enough garments.  :)  We sure love that boy!  
Thank you for thinking of us and letting us serve the missionaries in Santa Maria.
Love, Marcie McKee Mamai da Missao.

(when Jake was about 4 years old, he got new underwear and wanted to wear all the super hero's at once.)

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