Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Week in the Office

Week of Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2017

(30) SEGUNDA (Monday):  I grabbed the bus today at 7:00 to Santa Maria.  Mondays is p-day for everyone else, and we grab the numbers of everyone and write commentaries about how each companionship is doing.  We had a meeting with President, which it seems like he really puts a lot of confidence in us.  He asks our opinions, feedback, and favors.  I’m going to love working with President.  And my computer has EVERYTHING from the mission.  I also have my own cell phone now that is pretty cool.  Today was day 570 of my mission.
(31) TERCA (Tuesday):  One day of normal work.  I met some of the people in the area.  One girl named Gabi who was baptized last Friday.  I’d already met her in a division.  She’s super good, but I’m pretty sure she’s in love with Elder Santos.  It’s crazy this new cell phone.  EVERYONE calls me.  Today was day 571 of my mission
Elder Smith, Elder Santos, Jake
Elder Oliveira, Elder Shepherd, Jake, Elder Santos


In the office.  

President and Sister Louza and Santa Maria missionaries.
On P-day, President and Sister Louza took these missionaries to the top of a mountain that over looked Santa Maria.  They had a devotional.  Beautiful views.
Elder Santos, Elder Shepherd, and Jake
Elder Alencar, Jake

Jake and President & Sister Louza

Elder Smith

Santa Maria

Elder Santos

Jake, ?, Elder Smith, Elder Santos, Elder Shepherd
Getting massages with Elder ______, and Elder Smith
Elder Smith is going home and has to get his eye brows and nose hairs plucked.  

And Jake got his done too.

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