Monday, March 13, 2017

Baptisms and Oreos!

March 11, 2017
Hello Family,
Just so you know…no journal pages this week.  Sorry.  

This week was great. We had a zone leader conference.  The council was VERY good! :) Everyone complimented our training we gave, which was good. President also really liked it. He got super excited, saying we are learning fast.   I put out the 6 packages of different Oreos you sent.  Everyone loved the Oreos! They went crazy over them! Also the war heads and sour stuff I got. 

Then I started taking care of some stuff, and then preparing the next part, then I got our training set up on the slide, then I got a few phone calls, and then I went and picked up the trash!  I didn’t get to try any of them.  Haha. I found out President loves peanut butter.  

I got to travel to Cruz Alta for a day and then to Santo Angelo for a day.  I saw few friends.  I also got 2 of them to go on a part time mission.  They’ll start next week. Divisions were great! 3 of the young men I saw, and one of them, who’s from a really poor family, was carrying a bag with his new suit and socks and shirts and stuff when we randomly saw him in the street. And it was nice clothing too. The other one was talking about his exams and how he was going to have to talk to bishop to pull out money for his exam. 
It made me super happy.

All baptisms didn’t happen last week.  There was confusion, and the 2, Vanda and Ana, didn’t have a phone, so we couldn’t get ahold of them.   The 4 baptisms for today are all set! (Saturday)  Gean and Thalia, who were married this week as well, then Vanda and Ana, the mom and sister of Thalia. I'm super, super excited! 

Elder Santos, Gean, Thalia, Ana, Vanda, Jake, President Louza
This week we are in the office all week long for the transfers.  I prefer talking to people in the street and teaching, but the air conditioning is nice. 

I’m super, super happy! This week was super good. Today we cleaned the whole house like a boss, and I cut the grass out front! :)

I love you all!! 

Elder McKee
Gean and Thalia signing marriage papers.  
 Jake and Thalia 
 Elder must have been raining a little.

 Enjoying their dessert pizza.

Mom:  Today my phone rang and it was a Brazil number...I spit out the food in my mouth.  I answered and someone said, "Sister McKee?"  and I said yes.  Then the phone went dead.  So I waited.  Then it rang again,  "Sister McKee"  "Yes"  "Sister McKee, can you hear me?"  "yes"  The voice had a STRONG accent, and I wasn't even sure it was Jake.  "Sister McKee, this is your son."  haha....And I started crying.  He got to call because there was a problem with the garments we sent.  They were being taxed $700.00.  UG!  But I got to talk to my boy for about 4 minutes, and it made my day!  I sure miss that boy!  

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