Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Hello Family and Friends,

So, this week was super good. Saturday we went and made apple pies for the group of missionaries that are going home. That was cool. 


Then, on Monday we had the dinner with them, and Tuesday we picked up the new missionaries in the airport. 

Jake, Sister Louza, Sister Ancay, Sister Christensen, Elder Santos
Elder Rodrigues
Elder Oliveira
Sister Bahmad

Then, SLEPT IN PRESIDENTS HOUSE!! It was incredible. It’s actually clean. You can walk around barefoot. The shower works.  The shower had so much water pressure.  Nothing is broken. And there’s CARPET!  I felt like I was back in the United States.    First time in a year and 8 months I walked on carpet.  We got to stay there because the new missionaries came and they got here late, so instead of taking us back to our house we just brought our stuff and stayed at his house.  It’s huge.

 The drawing that Jake did for President and Sister Louza.
I ate fried fish, and by fried fish I mean they just took the guts out and fried everything and then you eat everything.


 The four people we baptized, this little girl is 2 years old and never stops. But when she gets upset she grabs your ear and just sits there touching it. And when she´s tired she climbs on your lap and puts her nose in your ear. They have no idea where she got this from.

 I am out of time.   I love you all. 

Elder Jacob McKee

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