Sunday, March 19, 2017

Feeling Happy!

March 17, 2017

            I really need to get back in the habit of writing.  I’ll try and give an update since last Saturday.
            Jean, Thalia, Vanda e Ava were all baptized.  Man, I was so happy.  THEN!  On Sunday we went to their house early to walk with them to church for their confirmation.  We get there, and only Jean was home.  He said the others had left to help a house that had flooded.  We go to the house, about a block away, and EVERYTHING is wet.  It had rained a lot that night and they had about a foot and half of water in the whole house.  So from 8 until 10 we worked like crazy to clean the house.  It was muddy, wet, and full of bugs.  We had to be at church at least 10:00 for sacrament meeting.  We skipped the first 2 hours to help, then called taxi’s and everyone went.  Elder Santos and I, muddy and wet, and we spend about 50 reais in taxi’s but the 4 were confirmed!!  
            Monday we were in the office.  Wednesday we went with President to visit some of the houses of the other missionaries.  Thursday we freaken’ like a bossed it and got the whole transfer ready in one day.  Friday (Today) We sent out the transfer, then spent all day updating everything with people in the new areas  I worked a bunch on my video.  Resolving transfer problems 
but surprisingly there weren’t many.
            Our only day of real work was Tuesday because we spent so much time in the office,  we decided that Tuesday would be our day to contact all our addresses and find new people.  We want to use more then other parts of our area, because we’re very confined in one neighborhood.  So, Tuesday was a lot of contacts, knocking doors, and fallen commitments.  But, yet I still feel happy.  Sometimes I just feel so excited and I yell a little and rub my hands together real fast.  I just sit thinking how great it is to be a missionary. TO have so much to do, yet not have to worry about so many things that will come to me in a few months.  I’m happy to be a member of the church and to have the family and friends that I do.  It’s a really good life I’m living. Everyone needs to be a missionary at one point. 
This week I learned a lot about how I can really actually endure to the end.  I was studying 2 Nephi 31, and when I got to verse 13, I really paid attention to what it said.  Then I stared identifying in my notebook all the ways that it explains how to endure to the end.  I then spent the next 3 days studying just that verse, trying to catch it all.  
            Today after I talk to you guys we are going to President’s house and I’m going to make apple pies for the missionaries who are going home.   (MOM:  A little while later I got this great picture from Sis. Louza’s phone.)

 Bye, I love you all, Thanks for everything!

Elder McKee

Jake's areas and companions
 Elder Costa, Elder Olivera, Jake
 Elder Costa, Elder Santos, Elder Olivera, Jake
 Apple pie?

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