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July 8, 2017

July 1, 2017:  So, today was the baptism of Diran.  And it was super cool because it was in two wards, because this morning he moved to the other ward boundaries.  But he is going to come to the same chapel, so it was pretty cool.  And it was a really, really good reunion. 

            Also, I bought a new suit.  I tried to take a suit, it was grey-silverish suit, that I got from Elder Santos, that he left.  He got it from another guy.  But it was too big for me and there was no way to get it taken in because it was so big.  So, I went and bought a new suit to come home in.  I’m going to donate my other 3 suits to the mission.  I already gave one to Elder Periera Santos, and give the other two to the office.  And the lady tried to give me a $300 reais shirt to buy as well, but I think she was thinking I was just full of the money.  She came to me and said, “Do you need a white shirt as well?”  And I said, “Yeah, I’ll get a white shirt.”  And she brought me a normal white shirt, and I was like Whoa!  I’m not going to pay $100 for a white shirt.  So, I let the shirt pass.  
            So, we went to Giovanni’s house.  He is the guy who was baptized a week before my birthday.  So, he just like disappeared off the map.  And we were trying to call him.  And his mom was there.  She’s an old lady.  His dad is 93 years old. But we went there and we knocked, and today they came out.  They said, “we need to talk to you guys, come in.”  And we thought, oh no, what happened.  And they started talking.  And I guess Giovanni, a long time ago, he was really involved with drugs.  And what happened was that about 9 years ago when he was involved with drugs he tried to assault somebody.  He didn’t kill anybody or anything, but I think it was pretty bad.  The person was pressing charges and everything, and now, 9 years later, 6 years free of drugs, 6 years without having any incidences at all, now finally, the justice system has caught up with him.  They got the proof and the evidences, and whatever they need, I don’t really know.  And he was arrested. 
            My comp is practicing English with me:  Comp Talking:  “Today my mother said that I am very beautiful.  Elder McKee has English very crap.  My English is very good.  I am American.  He’s Brazilian.  He not speak English.  I am a negro.  He is blanco.”  That is about all the English that my companion knows. 
            So, yeah, he was arrested.  And he is going to get out, probably like October.  His parents hired a private Lawyer to try to get him out sooner because he’s changed a lot.  We’re going to see what happens.  While we were there, his mom was crying.  We said a prayer with them and everything.  And his mom is an old lady as well, but she is super cool.   So, I asked for a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote him a note because she goes there every week to visit him.  So, I wrote a note to give to him because I’m not going to be here when he gets out.  I’m never going to see him again.  That’s pretty sad, actually.  OH, that’s really sad. 
            That was our day today.

July 8, 2017:  Today, I am doing 2 years in the mission. TWO YEARS!!!!!! I’m freaking out. 

My mission is over. I’ve got 10 days left, and ill spend them all almost in the office. The new AP has already been called, and he´ll get here on Monday. But I still can’t say because nobody else knows. This next week we are in the office doing the transfer. 

My 4th of July I was in a division. In the house was another American, who while I was grabbing all the mission numbers he was frying Texas burgers, in Captain America shorts and a bald eagle American flag shirt, singing the National Anthem. It was a very beautiful sight. So, I didn’t eat anything from my box because I wasn’t at home all week.  I also don’t have any pictures or videos because I didn’t take my camera and it wasn’t charged.  I’ll try to take some this week.

But, I’m happy!! You can also respond and talk to me now, because it won’t make much of a difference. 

Thank you for everything.  Love you all,

Elder McKee
Andressa Silva and Toti Quinhones Moura met Jake in his very first area, when he was in Santa Maria.  They got married on July 8, and wanted him to come to the signing of the papers.. She is so good about sending mom pictures.
Elder Prata

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