Friday, July 21, 2017


We got to the airport in plenty of time, and luckily we did because he got in 20 minutes early.  WOOHOO!  We waited and waited as people came down the escalator.  
Andy was ready with his signs, and so was grandma Munoa
 And Joci was ready with hers.  She had this sign when she met us in Maui.  
 We're ready!
I saw his legs at the top of the escalator and  let out a little scream that echoed.  Oops.
  And I got my hug!  I missed this boy!!
and when we were done Joci yelled, "Can I come hug you now?"
 Grandma's and Grandpa
 Sister Christensen served with Jake and came home on a different flight. 
 Jen, Mark, and Joci
 Jake was very ready to drive.  He drove us to Taco Bell then home.  He missed this.
 When I asked him what kind of food he wanted he said Taco Bell.  
 Ali, and Ryan and Lori and all their family met us there.  

We've waited for this day for 2 years.  And are so glad to have our boy home.  His mission blessed our family in many ways.  We feel closer as a family.  My kids are closer, and get along better.  We have more love for the people in Brazil and are so grateful for those who have shared pictures, and stories.  We love President and Sister Louza and are so grateful for the love they show their missionaries and especially Jake.  He has learned so much from them. We are thankful that Jake served an honorable mission, did his best, and served our Lord with all his heart.  

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