Monday, August 31, 2015

A Good Week!

:) it’s so great down here. So ill start with this. These people know how to cook. We’ve all heard of the famous churrasco, well its famous for a reason. i have never tasted anything so good!!! ahhhh!!! the language is great. I love it. I’m starting to be able to separate the words and actually understand sometimes. its great. The secret is to just nod, smile, and say the occasional sim. If they ask a question, i say ´isso ai, qual is sua cor preferida?´ that’s right, what is your favorite color. :) haha I say that a lot. But really, the language is great. And the people are starting to warm up to me a lot and actually have patience with me and my falta de Portuguese. But it’s fine. I asked President Parrela about using dropbox, and he said that he would research it and get back to me. One thing I could really use is a picture of Andy and me when I baptized him. The people here love pictures. I made a little photo album to carry around because everyone always asks if I have pictures of my family. Always. It’s great. So I included pictures, but we had a ward activity. A show de talentos. :) haha it was the funniest thing ever. i put some videos in, tambem. (also)
Yes, I know about Malena’s fb friend. I’m the one that gave him her name. You might be getting a few more friend requests. Everyone here uses face book, and they always ask me for my name to look me up. Warning, none of them speak English. Literally none. And President Parrela has asked that our family’s don’t bother them too much about the missionaries. haha
I will send a letter with a lot more details.
One funny story is I locked myself in the bathroom... they don’t have locks that you can just turn a nob, you always need a key. Well the bathroom has this trick to it that I have now mastered, but you have to hold the key at the right angle to open the door. When it happened, everyone in my house was outside laughing and trying to explain to me how to do it in Portuguese. haha I just said “Elder Hull, are you there.” “Yes.” “Then explain in English for me.”  haha. We have two companionships in our house, and the other guys are great! They help me a lot. I’m slowly learning everything.
Every day is a spiritual experience. One cool one was Rodrigo. This guy is the happiest I’ve ever seen a person be. We’ve taught his family a bunch, but he is always at work. But we finally caught him at home, and taught him the restoration. He asked a lot of questions. Very involved. It was awesome. And I’m totally comfortable around his family so I talked a bunch too. At the end of the lesson, we sat for a little. Then he said ´I’ve had a lot of different churches send missionaries like you guys to me. I’ve always felt that their messages were the same. They all had the same stuff, but it didn’t feel right. This, I can tell that what you guys are teaching is true. ´ BOM! Baptism, with the family. on the 12. I hope at least. It was an awesome experience. 
Number two, and I’ll make this one fast because I have 3 minutes left. We asked a house for directions, and then they seemed friendly so my comp asked if we could return another day to share a message with them about Jesus. They said you could now. We stayed for an hour talking about the plan of salvation and about Jesus. This lady had a lot of questions. Then she described how she thought the true gospel should be presented and set up (before the lesson) and let me tell you, it was like she was reading preach my gospel. We talked about the plan, and she would stop and think, then nod and say ´that sounds right. ´ I wanted to say, that’s because it is. Then at the end, I described my baptism. And the best part was she totally seemed to understand every thing I was saying. I talked for a while about my baptism, then after, my comp asked her if she would be baptized into the true church of Jesus Christ by the proper authority. She thought of a moment, and then said “yes. I want to feel what he described. But you better prepare me good!! I don’t want any surprise doctrine after I’m baptized´  haha, it was awesome.
I took videos too, but I can’t send them through email. Hopefully I get approval for drop box, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until I get back to watch them all. haha.

Love you guys!! Until next week!!
Elder Mckee
Santa Maria...
 Ward Talent Show

 A Missionaries desk.


  1. I have loved reading all these and seeing pictures. He's going to do amazing in Brasil, he already seems to really love it! So so happy for you Jake!

  2. I have loved reading all these and seeing pictures. He's going to do amazing in Brasil, he already seems to really love it! So so happy for you Jake!