Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random Email, August 6, 2015

Elder Bush is on his email for a minute, so I have a couple minutes.  Just for your info I should have my flight plans within a week, Or my reassignment. I could get it within the next few days. It's crazy!! I hosted today, which means that I was one of the missionaries to pick them up off the curb when they are dropped off. One guy had 2 bags that I have no idea how they will get on a plane!! They were SOOO heavy!! And he lived on the top floor. And he didn't help me carry them. Good thing I am a man.
Since the others in your district have their visas why aren't they all flying off to Brazil to MTC?  Will everyone leave at same time?
Once you are in here for 2-3 weeks, they just keep you here and have you finish, rather than go the Sao Paulo and kind of have to start over. Which is smart. They still check, because now it means you wont be reassigned state side. Yes, they will all travel together when they leave.
Are you happy?  Any problems with anything? 

No problems, except for accidentally calling people fat. Today I walked past the new people class, and the teacher, who is also one of my teachers, invited me in. I walked in, and saw the looks on all their faces from all the Portuguese and knew exactly how they felt!! So I asked them where they all were from. In English. You should have seen the look of relief on their face to hear English!! I think the teacher needed a break or something, because he just patted me on the back and walked out for a little. So I talked to them all in Portuguese and stuff. I'd say it my question in Portuguese and then in English so they could follow. Just a few minutes, but it was cool to know exactly how they felt and just talk to them for a little. They all seemed very impressed and in awe about my Portuguese. here's a conversation. Me "oi! tudo bem?" (Hi! how's it going?) Them: *look of awe "how long have you been here?" Me: "quatro semanas" (4 weeks) them: speechless awe and wonder. ha-ha it was funny. 

Gotta Go.  I love you, MOM!!  You're the Best.

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