Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Letter From President Parrela

Dear Parents of  Elder McKee,
Sister Parrela and I have the pleasure of informing you that your missionary has arrived safely to the Brazil Santa Maria Mission. We will be with him/her during this oh so precious time that he/she has devoted to the Lord. It is with joy that we watch over and guide this special servant, chosen before birth, to fulfill his/her duty. We already love your son/daughter as if he/she was our own.
This is the place that the Lord appointed for your son/daughter to work in; it is here that the elect await his/her assistance. The Gaúchos are a warm and hospitable people, and will without a doubt make him/her feel welcome. Their beautiful prairies and traditions will be kept in his/her heart, as they are in ours.
Your son/daughter already has a designated proselyting area: Salgado Filho Ward, Santa Maria Stake. An experienced and well prepared companion will be responsible for his/her training and will help him/her in his/her adaptation so that he/she may reach his/her full potential.  Please encourage him/her in your weekly emails to become a “Preach My Gospel Missionary”.
We ask that you send all correspondents and eventual packages for your Missionary directly to the Post Office of the city where he/she is serving, and not the Mission Office. When he/she is transferred, he/she will inform you of the address of the Post Office in his/her new area. In this first area the address is:
 Caixa Postal 0339 — Centro
Santa Maria — RS
CEP 97001-010

We are extremely grateful that you could prepare such a marvelous representative of Jesus Christ.

Delgia e Adalto P. Parrela                               
Sirva com AMOR
Trabalhe pela VERDADE

“Há segurança na obediência”  

Serve with Love
Work by TRUTH

"There is safety in obedience"

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