Friday, August 7, 2015


Lucky day for Mom and Dad…Emails and Pictures.  I opened my email and read the first line and couldn't read the rest of it.  We are so excited that Jake will get to go to Brazil and so thankful that his visa came through so he could travel down with his district.  We believe in the power of prayer and putting our trust in the Lord.  
I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS!!!! I don’t even know how! I was fully expecting, and was excited to, go state side, but I'm actually going to Brazil!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so pumped right now!! this is awesome!!! About 24 hours of travel time exactly. I leave the MTC at 6:30 on the 17, fly out of salt lake at 11:05, and get to Santa Maria at 3:45 on the 18. Check drop box. Just a reminder, you  CANNOT come see me at the airport. ;) I cant believe I got my flight plans. I have no doubt it's because I finally was able to put my trust in God and I let him be the driver and I just did what I was supposed to, prepare to be a missionary. 
 That is wonderful about your flight plans!!  We just got out of the temple and I prayed that it would work out the best for you.  That you would be going exactly where you were meant to go!  We love you and are so proud of you!! Will you fly out with your district? Between your trust in the lord and our prayers, fasting, and temple service we had faith it would work out.  
Thank you for your prayers!!  We are all together (except for sister Doyle who is having huge problems with her visa and will get reassigned) until Sao Paulo, where Sister Davis splits off to Moseao and Elder Bush splits off because that’s his mission. Then me, Sister Walton, and Sister Moss will continue to Porte Alegre after a 5 hour lay over. After that, Sister Walton splits because that is her mission and Sister Moss and me will continue along to Santa Maria. :)
Go see Jessica in the morning.  She has a package for you. WE LOVE YOU!!
Ok I will! I went and saw her today. I sent a letter for Malena. We sure have been blessed to have Jessica here. God sure knows what he is doing!!! :) até terça-feira!  (Until Tuesday)

 Travel Plans! 
 Real Food from the Temple Cafeteria

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