Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last Week in MTC

So, this week has been a great one. Everything is so much more real now that I'm actually leaving to Brazil in 7 days. So crazy!! I feel so blessed!! 

This weeks TRC was a skype call with a native from Brazil. Except our person bailed at literally the last minute, so we just recorded a 3 minute video of what we were going to talk about. not near as cool, but it was a good practice. Getting emails from my pals I met here that are actually in the field, they say that the first week is so hard, but they all said how insane it is how fast you pick up on the language once you are submerged in it. I'm so excited!!! :) I cant even think about anything else!! I need to stay focused for this last week though, not get too excited about Brazil yet. 

I think I'm going to send a package home with stuff I dont want. Mostly my gray suit. I'm going to give away all the ties, so you wont be getting any of those back. Also, I'm sending a flute that Elder Payne forgot in the residence. When I email you an address he's going to give me, will you send it to his family for me?

This week was also harder, because it feels like in a week I'm going home, not going to Brazil for another 22 and a half months. I miss home and all the family and friends, but I know I'm where I need to be right now. :) I'm so excited to get down to Brazil!!!! 

So I learned I'm not very good at volleyball. Or maybe I'm too good ;) 4 days in a row I hit sisters in the face. Lemme explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up. So Wednesday, we're playing volley ball. I go to spike it, and it nails Sister L in the face. Square in the face. I felt so bad. So Thrusday, we're playing volley ball. The ball lands on the ground, and Sister D starts talking smack to me, "Mckee where were you?" I pick up the ball and without even looking I throw it in the direction of the server. And it hits Sister D right in the face. :( and it looked like I did it on purpose because she was talking smack to me. So Friday, we're playing volley ball. I decide to not spike it any more. But after volley ball, I'm trying to juggle the ball, and I kick it too hard, it goes up and hits Sister M right in the face. So Saturday, we're playing volley ball, and the ball is coming straight down on the net. Now, normally in a situation like this I would spike it, because that's just what you do. But then I reflected upon my rap sheet, and decided to just tap it over to the left away from Sister D so she cant save it. I misjudged the distances. The ball was too far over for me to reach, and it barley touched my finger tips, continued along it's same course of trajectory, and hit Sister D right in the face, droping her to the ground. Now, this really wasn't my fault at all, but from the perspective of everyone else it looked like I had just smashed it on her mercilessly. So Monday, we're playing volley ball, and I did nothing but bumping it back into the air over the net. Just to be safe. 

Could you send me another pair of gym shorts? and another random t-shirt or two? :) That would be awesome. 

So we adopted two new Elders into our district, both of which are a week behind us in schedule, but miles ahead.  They are the most dedicated guys I've ever met. Elder Ebert, who everywhere he goes everyone gets their visa and leaves him, has had 8 companions in his 3 weeks in the MTC. He has moved residences 3 times (he's now in my room) and been part of 3 districts. haha He's a great guy. The other one is Elder Bartling, who is also 3 and a half weeks into his MTC experience. Elder Bartling randomly got a call to go to the travel office yesterday, and they handed him flight plans. He left for brazil this morning. Not the Sao Paulo MTC, his actual mission. He left for his mission 2 weeks early!!! President Dansie had said that if visa and stuff works out, Ebert and Bartling could leave next week with us. Ebert has no visa. Bartling does. We think the weeks got mixed up, and he left today with the other people that are leaving today. But it was definitely inspiration and meant to be. He is so good at the language and a very hard worker, and he is very strong in the gospel. So, Ebert got a new compainion, Me, Bush, and Bradshaw (Bradshaw is the tonsil guy, who just got cleared yesterday and should leave this week or next, after 9 weeks) Now that Ebert is in our room, I can't have two closets. I had to condense to one. 

I might be sending a list of stuff I want, and then a package home of stuff I don't.  Just be prepared.

Josh would love it if he was able to get a shot at a buck. I'd be jealous!  I'm going to get destroyed on the language, even tho I'm doing way good on it for the MTC. I've read both grammar books through so many times. Like probable 5 times or more each. It's pretty great if I might say so myself. Yesterday one of the sisters asked a question about something that me and the teacher had been talking about before class, and the teacher couldn't think of how to explain it, so she just pointed to me and had me explain it. Part of it might have been that it would be harder to explain in Portuguese to people that don't speak it. I love it here. I'm sad to be leaving to be honest. But tudo bem.

I love you guys!! You're all the best!! Thank you for your prayers!! I can feel them everyday helping me along. The MTC is the best place I have ever been, and I'm actually kinda sad to be leaving. but i'm happy to be going. I'm sad I can't give you all hugs goodbye, so just hug each other. ;) tudo bem. 

A piece of Jake's letter to the kids:
I love all you guys!!! you'll all make amazing missionaries one day!! Keep up the good work, make sure you're getting along, and remember to pray every morning and night. I can't even explain how important that is!! With school starting soon it might be easy to feel stressed, but just go at it and be yourself. My biggest regret is not putting myself out there as much as I could. Never stop being who you are. Love ya'll!!  Talk to ya next week!!

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