Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beware of the MTC faucets!

Alright. First off!!! Thank you soooo much for those packages!!! The district LOVED them!!! They all said that they love their own moms most, because they have to, but that if they had to choose a second mom it would be you. :) haha they loved the packages. The language is coming along so good!!! I say all my prayers in portuguese, and can talk to my teachers really well. Well, maybe not really well, but I can get my message across and that's what matters. The lessons are awesome. and now we are teaching two investigators. We have to juggle our classes, and prepare personalized lessons for both investigators. Did I mention it's all in Portuguese? But i love it!!! All of the older loud guys have left, and it feels weird. Kinda like when all the seniors graduated when I was a junior, and suddenly I'm the old person people look at and think I'm so experienced! The 22 new people coming tomorrow will look at me and think I'm 1) older than them 2) fluent in Portuguese and 3) super cool. I know thats how they'll feel because thats how Ii felt about everyone when I came. Just because I've been here for two weeks, they'll automatically assume all those things. It's cool. I love going up to the new people pretending I'm fluent in Portuguese. :) I just say the missionary purpose or first vision really fast, and they get wide eyed. haha then I tell them just kidding. But really, the language is coming so fast. Ive far surpassed any spanish Ii ever learned in 3 years of spanish at school. 
Also! I finally finished the book of Alma!! hahahaha yes!!  Finishing alma is like the most satifying thing. It's like getting over the last big bump, and the rest of the reading is just coasting to the finish line. Before I came here, I was reading 15-20 chapters a day trying to finish the Book of Mormon before I came here. Now that I'm here, I'll maybe read one a day, but I spend the same time on that one as I did on the 15-20. Quality reading far surpasses quantity reading. Look at the cross references. They are AMAZING!!! and reading with a purpose, such as an investiator, makes it all the better. 
The cinnamon rolls to Sister Davis were a HUGE success!!! As soon as she saw the package slip she got so excited, she instantly grabbed it and ran to the mail room. She hasn't gotten any other mail besides those cinnamon rolls and a letter that Sister Doyle wrote her, signed from "A friend".  It's a little sad, but she was so excited to walk in with those cinnamon rolls. It made the whole district so happy to see her so happy. Thanks mom!
So my tie collection is the BEST EVER!!!  Like I mentioned, ties are like currency here. I could probably buy an elders ID card off him with the right tie. My bartering power is so prime right now. I can give a guy a decent tie that I'd maybe wear, and then two crap ties I'd never wear for two super super nice ties. Which I have done. AHHH these ties are awesome!!! I took pictures of them all, and a picture of my vault of ties. I'll send the sd card home in a letter, you can look at the pictures, and then send the card back with Jess. Don;t delete any pictures. I think my 32 gb card will be enough for my whole mission. 
So, last night being the last hurrah for a lot of elders in the MTC, they went outside and burned some of their language books. I want you to know I didn't go. I didn't want to get in trouble. But, I did contribute the sparklers I found in the air vent in our room to the show. I guess it was pretty cool, but it's whatever. 
So this part is to all future missionaries that are going to the Provo MTC. I dont know if it is like this in all the apartments, but in mine the sinks have two settings, ice cold, or burning lava hot. I swear you can fill the sink, throw some top ramen in, cook it, and then have to blow on it to cool it down before you eat it.  It is scalding hot!!! If you have your hand in cold water, and it starts to get warm, dont assume the sinks are back to normal. I've made that mistake about 12 times. Get your hands OUT!!!!  haha.   The showers are similar, but there's a trick I discovered. I think the valves are just worn out, so here's what you have to do to reach optimum water temperature. Step 1) get in the shower, and turn it on barely, so it's really cold. 2) let that run for a second, then turn it up to about 90% heat. Watch out tho. remember the top ramen. 3) turn it back to about 20%. wait. 4) put it at about 60% and you're golden. It took me many tries and multiple burns to figure this out. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice. 
my address is

Elder Jacob McKee
Aug 17 BRA-SM
2005 N 900 E #255
Provo UT 84604

Write me!!

My district is awesome! We stick together and are closer than any other district I've seen. We all support each other, and I really do consider them great friends. 
I feel the spirit stronger each day, but I dont think it's because I'm gaining the spirit. I think I'm just learning to recognize it and know it's there. I've always had it, just like you guys. The trick to it is to look for it and listen. I notice the hand of God in everything I do. I know he helps me with everything, from not running into doors to the time I went to jump off my top bunk and my foot got caught in the sheet and I still somehow landed on my feet. I testify that He is there and that He is watching over all of us. I love you guys, and eu amo o evangelho. Ate mais!! 

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