Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our First Letter and Picture!

We got a picture and a letter today!  Our friend, Jessica L. works in the MTC mailroom.  She is our new best friend.  She takes letters and packages in to Jake for us, and snapped this picture and brought us a letter from him today.  She told us some things today about Jake:
His P-day is on Tuesday, His companion is from Idaho and going to a different mission in Brazil.  Jake met a girl that is going to Santa Maria.  He is the District Leader, and he has more hours of instruction (classes) than sleep.   AND  Jake did get his magnetic name tag.  We are sure grateful to Jessica for any tidbits of info she brings us.  
Jake and Elder Bush
Dear Familia! and others,              July 10, 2015
I am alive and well.  I'm actually better than ever before in my life!!  The spirit you can feel here is so thick you almost trip over it when you walk.  It's amazing how much prayer and scripture study you see here.  Everyone is trying to live by the spirit, and is inviting it into their lives, and you can feel it so much.   
The Portuguese is SO HARD!  But I love it.  Tomorrow, as in day 3, I have to teach an investigator with Meu Companiero (that's probably wrong), Elder Bush.  And we aren't allowed to speak English.  Did I mention it's a 20 minute lesson?  But everyone had to do it, and they all got torn apart.  So I won't fail alone.  That's a comfort.  
Our two roommates are hilarious.  They've been here for 2 weeks, and they are way cool about helping us.  Our entire floor is our zone, and it's so much fun.  These guys are all so cool!  We did this thing yesterday called a tie draft.  Everyone puts in a tie, and their name in a box.  We draw names, and pick ties in that order.  So much yelling and laughing.  And we all act like we speak Portuguese, but we don't.  Fake it till you make it.  As I'm writing this, Elder Christainsen, our roommate, asked who was DL (district leader, It's me) and when we told him it was me, he started jumping around and screaming, because he called it.  Just as he did that, the Branch President walked in.  He's talking to him about reverence as I write.  Christainsen is crazy.
My P-day is Tuesday.  I met a Sister Moss, in my district of 4 sisters and 2 elders, who is going to my same mission!  She is from Orem.  She's way cool.
My companion, Elder Bush, is from Idaho Falls.  He's really quiet, but he's opening up.  He's actually really funny. I've been here like a day and a half, but I feel like I've been best friends w/ my district for years.  This place is amazing.  I've never looked at a schedule HOPING  for extra class time.  I'm wanting more time in class after I sat for four hours.  There is never enough time for what we want to do.  I really wish they would've given me these books before I got here.  Nothing but Portuguese in the class from our teacher, Irmao Barlow. I didn't even think he spoke English until today when all the sudden he was explaining something to us.  At first I thought, "IT CLICKED! GIFT OF TONGUES BABY!!" but that's not what happened.  I still can't speak Portuguese.  lots of Portuguese and constant sign language and charades.  Me and Elder Bush have a plan set up to be fluent ASAP.  I'll keep you informed.  
I love you all!  Love, Elder Mckee
P.S.  Send me some ties!  Doesn't matter which.  

Moma says:  
If my baby wants ties, 87 ties is what he gets, and a box of homemade cherry chocolates!
Hope he wins the tie draft! :)

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