Monday, July 13, 2015

I Love This Place!

Oi!                                                                             July 11, 2015
Today we taught Cristiane for the second time.  She is a role play real investigator, and we have to teach her all in Portuguese.  My brain is fried!  But my portuguese is very good considering I've been here for four days, almost.  Most of my zone is leaving in the next 10 days.  I've already grown so close to them and I will miss them.  I just can't wait for Wednesday when I won't be the newbie any more.  These guys are all so cool and they totally watch out for me.  We played volleyball for gym time today, and I was the smallest Elder, but I held my own. Most of these guys are 19, 20, 21.  The sisters in my district after told me that I am sassy and very opinionated towards the other elders and sisters, and that I'm the nicest Elder. (The other guys are just competitive and a little rude w/out meaning to be).
My district is amazing!  I've never really felt this welcome or wanted.  The spirit is so strong and constant here I almost forget I'm feeling it until I look for it.  
I'm studying Portuguese whenever I can.  I love this language, and I love learning it.  I don't think about home or anything I'm missing because then I start to miss it more, but I'm doing so good right now.
One sister in my district, Sister Walton, reminds me so much of Malena, for example, today she tried to do Parkour off a door and her skirt fell down.  I didn't actually see it, but she told me and Elder Bush about it.  She spent about 10 minutes trying to hit my heart with a rubber band from across the room.  Plus, she is super funny.  
Also, look up 3 Nephi 5:13.  It's very good.
As DL, I'm going to make my district memorize it in a while.  
I love this place!  The Church is true! The Spirit is real!

And part of the letter he wrote to Malena on Saturday:
I was in the shower washing with my brand new, just opened shampoo and I set my shampoo on the little shelf and then it falls off and the bottle broke!  So, my soap went everywhere.  I had to wash it all down the drain.  A whole bottle.  So far the past day and a half I haven't had any soap.  And I worked out, played sand volleyball, and did a service project.  Lots of scrubbing with no soap in the shower.  I'll get more on Monday.  Never forget that God loves you and so do I!  Read your scriptures and pray for me!  I'm praying for you guys. :)  Te Amo!

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