Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saying GoodBye

We are so lucky to have so much love and support around us.  We spent the last week getting ready, having fun, and saying goodbye to friends and family.
Before all our family went home to California we snuck away to the Payson Temple.  It was beautiful and it's so peaceful inside.
Rj, Kaycee, Jake, Mom, Dad, Jen & Mark Baker, Grandma Munoa
 Jake is so lucky and blessed to have so many that care about him. 
Rj and Kaycee and family
 Vic, Janet, Jessica, and Sydney L. had us over for dinner.  
Vic went to Brazil on his mission and had lots of good advice.
 Grandma and Grandpa McKee met us for lunch and said goodbye to Jake.  
Mark, Jen, Zac, Jake, Alex, Kaiti….We love this family.  Jake's second family!
 Jessica and Jake have been friends for years!  
 The Alldredges…Joe, Nyla, Kyle, Amber, Marissa, Mandi
 Jake and Sydnee.  
 Lexi and Jake.  Another long time friend.  
 The Shepherd's…Tyler and Kellie, Evan, Kael, Jack, and Ivy. 
 They were so nice to bring us dinner the night before Jake left.  Such good friends.
 Tiffany, McKin, Aleia, Elexa, Krue, Elsie (Brady and Brayden left earlier)  
 We went to see Great Grandma Silcox and Jake got some good advice from her. 
 She told him to take notes of everything and keep a journal because he will look back on this time 
and be amazed at all he accomplished. 
We are so blessed with good friends and family.  
Thank you to everyone who supported and loved Jake.

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