Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 We spent the morning having our "special occasion" crepes and taking some family pictures.  

 And the kids were anxious to take back to back pictures with Jake so they could see how much they grow during the next two years.
 Best Picture of the 4 of them!  With our Salem Pond in the background.
 We went over to the temple grounds to say goodbye.  It was HARD!!  There were a lot of tears today.  
A lot of hugging, a lot of reflection, and a lot of anxiousness for all of us.  
 And at 1:15 we dropped him off.  It was quick and just enough time for one last hug and 'I love you', and he was off.  
 It was bittersweet.  We are so proud of him and his choices to get to this point.  We are excited for the adventures and opportunities he will have.  We will miss him and pray for him daily.  He'll be a great missionary!
The car ride home was quiet with a few sniffles and sobs here and there.  But when we arrived home this was on our front porch.  We have such great friends.  The Bakers left this for us and it sure did cheer us up!  Thanks, Baker Family.  
Now we wait for the 1st email and contact!  Can't wait!

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