Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jake's Farewell

While in California Jake said goodbye to Great Grandpa John Munoa
On Sunday was Jake's farewell at church.  He did a great job on his talk.
 After sacrament we had family and friends come over to visit and eat some treats.  
Jake's Friends
 Ryan and Lori McKee's family
 Hannah and Jake with Grandma Munoa and Josh
 Munoa family
 Uncle Phil Munoa took this flag on his mission and since then each Munoa missionary has signed and taken the flag with them.  Those that marry into the family also sign it.  It's pretty cool.  And now it's Jake's turn.
 Kaycee, Molly, Sarah, Jen, Kaiti, Hannah
 These smart people snuck in the house to get out of the 102* heat.  
 Great Grandpa Glade Mckee
 Dan and Sarah, Hannah and Molly came out from Nevada to celebrate and say goodbye to Jake.  
 Grandma and Grandpa McKee
 Bethany and Jake
 Grandma and Grandpa Munoa and the Farleys
 Jessica L. and Jake
 More friends
 Grandpa and Grandma Munoa and all the grandkids
 Munoa Family
  It was a  beautiful day and we are so grateful for all the love and support that Jake has received.  We are so excited for Jake to serve the people of Brazil.  He is prepared and ready.

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