Thursday, July 30, 2015

Knives, Phones, Back to Class

Jake has had extra time on the computer this week because Elder Bush was given extra time to be able to communicate with his family and friends.  We've enjoyed the random emails throughout the day.  These are kind of hard to follow because we were asking questions back and forth but I thought I would put it on here.  It's part of his experiences in the MTC.  
Any word on Visa? I check every morning and night. So does everyone else. Thats how we know about our visas. it usually goes from recieved to ready to pick up in a day. They don't update it until it's totally complete, usually. It's ok. Most everyone is getting their visas, and if I dont I know that state side is where I am supposed to go. Thanks for all your help. 

How is Elder Bush doing?  Did he decide to go home for a few days? How are you doing?  Bush is staying here and sending them stuff to read at the funeral.  Yea, i'm doing way good. We take breaks from class because I think he is feeling over whelmed a little, which is understandable. Monday we skipped second block, and today we are skipping first block. He relaxes in the room and looks at pictures and sleeps, and I study out on the couch in the hall, to give him some time to himself. I could sleep too, but I just cant bring my self to sacrifice some prime studying time. 

The Baker family is praying for you and Elder Bush and family also.  I'm glad you have another family that loves and prays for you.  I'm super grateful to have them too!  All of them are a huge part of my life. 

I probably won't be writing home on a non p-day again.  Also, I forgot to give Jessica the memory card, but I'll get it to her tomorrow!  I took it out of my camera and I'll give it to her in the morning when I go to say hi. Also, I sold that little leather-man to Elder Christensen, so could you send me 3 more of them? Bush and Duque wanted them as well. 

Also, When I'm flying I can use the phones in the airport to call home and update you guys. Some missionaries use phone cards for the pay phones, but Elder Payne had his mom send him a pre-paid phone with 300 minutes on it. Which is a fantastic idea!! Will you send me one of those? and also let me know how much they are because Bush might want one too. If I had that I could call you guys and we could talk for as long as we wanted pretty much. and I could give the Bakers a quick call.  Just to say hi ya know? Other missionaries have done it. :) It's a really good idea. then when I'm done, there will probably be more time left and I could let a missionary I'm traveling with use it as well. When it's done, I just throw it away. 

I think it's a good idea. Elder Bush is writing home right now his little piece that will be read in the funeral. We're going to all of our classes again today, which makes me really happy. I didn't really like missing class. Everything is going very well here. I feel like I've kind of hit a flat spot in my learning of the language, which all the older missionaries have been warning me about. I guess it happens to everyone around week 3-4. They all said you just have to push through it, then things start to go. So I'm pushing. 

I love you guys!! Thanks for everything!! You really are the best family ever!! I cant wait to see you guys again in two short years. Hows football for josh? How does Andy like my room? How rich is Malena getting? haha.  I miss you guys, but I wouldnt want to be anywhere other than where I am.  Love you.

Jake's letter to Andy:
ANDY!!! haha you thought I forgot about you didnt you!? :) Nope! I just knew I'd have more time to email today, and I wanted to have enough time to tell you all the stuff I wanted to. So, everytime I show people a picture of our family, the first thing they say is "you and your little brother look exactly alike!" and I'm just like "yep, he's my clone." haha. I sure miss ya bud. I hope you're taking good care of my room! I always look at that picture you send of the new paint. My room where I live with 5 other people is about the size of a fourth of your room. That gives you an idea of how smashed it is. But we all have fun. Like last night we had a chips and salsa party with the chips and salsa that RJ and Kaycee sent me! My class room, which I spend more time in than my bed, is about the size of Josh's room. Im seriously in there 10 hours a day, with 7 other people. It's amazing really. 
I love you, Andy!! You, Josh, and Malena are such good siblings to me! I love you all!!! 

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