Wednesday, July 15, 2015


July 14, 2015
THANK YOU FOR THOSE TIES!!  hahahahahaha!!!  I am the wealthiest man on the block!  That was seriously the best thing ever!  All of the elders were going through my ties.  And one guy even stole one of them!  He kept asking if he could have it and I kept saying no, just because if I had said yes then everyone would have expected one.  AND HE STOLE IT! haha, I don't even care.  
All I'm saying is "what is your soul worth?"  I won't confront him about it.  But counting that one and 3 others I gave away, I had 100 ties exactly.  So awesome.  I filled my locked drawer, now called 'the vault', and 3 hangers worth, and a pile on my shelf.
Today was also laundry day.  I now know exactly how many clothes I need for one week, and it feels so nice to be clean again.  Also I bought new soap.  Day 2 in this place my bottle of soap fell and broke and it all got washed down the drain.  I kept forgetting to buy more so I went for about 2 days w/out soap.  I'd just rinse off thoroughly. 
 Everyone sings here, not well, but loud.  It's a compromise.  The language is coming great.  When I'm writing, there's been a few times I've written "Nosso Pai Celestial" instead of "our Heavenly Father" without even meaning to.  De nada, desculpe, and obrigado are more natural to say than You're welcome, sorry/excuse me, and thank you.  I LOVE STUDYING!  I do it a meals sometimes.  My district tries to speak only Portuguese, and it's really helping, I feel like.
Yesterday me and Elder Bush taught our third lesson.  It was so bad.  I don't think I've ever felt so disappointed.  We had prepared a lesson Christ's Earthly Ministry, The Great Apostasy, and then the focus was on the Restoration and Modern Day Prophets.   Right before a guy came in and talked to us about our lesson and tried to help us.  I don't think he meant to, but he totally tore our lesson apart and told us it was wrong.  He did tell us how to modify it with a different focus to help the investigator, but I don't think he realized that we were teaching in 5 minutes.  So we went in with our confidence shot, and we did not have the spirit at all.  While it was a terrible experience I think it was my most valuable one yet, while here.  It taught me what I am capable of accomplishing myself (Nothing!) compared to what I can accomplish though proper preparation and when I have the spirit with me and I am only the messenger for God.  Me and Elder Bush grew way closer while talking about it.  I also learned patience and that I need to slow down.  I'm a goer, and because Elder Bush is quiet, I'd usually speak the most, kinda leaving him in the dust.  I learned the value of slowing down, and working together.  It was very humbling, for which I am Gratos (Portuguese) Grateful!
Me and Elder Bush are way closer now.  Now that I've slowed down we are becoming actual friends.  We joke around and laugh about stuff.  We are just starting to get into the groove of things and 
we know how things work now.  
Want to hear something I can't believe!?  I only have 5 weeks left!  This last week have FLOWN!  and everyone says that after the first Sunday, the weeks fly by faster!  That's insane.  My 6 weeks will be up before I know it!  I can't wait!  I want to be out there now, but I think its good I learn how to teach and speak Portuguese first.
Keep these letters in a safe place, because they will pretty much be my journal for the MTC when I get back.  I'm still keeping another journal, but I'm not putting in the details I am into this.  I'm keeping another notebook as well with all my lesson planning, and devotional/class notes as well.
Elder Bush is taking a nap right now.  So are a bunch of other Elders until dinner.  But when I saw these two hours of nothing, my first thoughts were 'letters and study time!'  I love being a missionary!  It's the best thing ever!  I would love to come back and work here as a teacher when I get back.  
I know this church is the only true church, because Christ is at its head.  I love you all!  
ALSO:  Elder Toledo just showed me a bag of Oreo/reeses cookies.  Oreos with peanut butter in the middle.  This is the Lords training center.  
Ate Mais!

Part of mom's letter from Jake:  Today at lunch Panini's were one of the options, so of course that's what I got.  I was sorely disappointed.  The only similarity to your panini's was the diagonal cut.  They weren't' nearly as good.  So also, I joined the MTC choir.  I had to audition and of the 550 missionaries that came the same day as me, only 50 made it….JUST KIDDING!!  You just show up. Mainly you get dinner early.  The sisters in my district were doing it, and our district is tight.  So me and Elder Bush tagged along.  

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